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Discussion in 'Announcements' started by begla, Feb 24, 2013.

  1. begla

    begla Project Founder and Lead Developer Staff Member

    ... showing the dynamic shadow prototype for blocks/chunks that I've implemented over the weekend (along with all the other small changes and tweaks). I'm quite pleased with those first results, but there is a lot room for improvement. Thanks to the shadow map approach this feature can be easily extended to support dynamic shadows for enemies, dropped blocks, dropped items and whatever you can think of. Feedback is - as always - very much appreciated! :)

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  2. aherber

    aherber Member

    Simply awesome as always. :D.
  3. begla

    begla Project Founder and Lead Developer Staff Member

    Haha. Glad you like it. :)
  4. overdhose

    overdhose Active Member

    weird how the game of light and shadow always make a world so more "real", even if it looks cartoony. Looks nice, will have to test out :p
  5. overdhose

    overdhose Active Member

    gratz uber finally brings my apu to it's knees, though I still manage to get some 13fps, the game starts stuttering, and even reducing distance to near didn't seem to achieve anything. But it looks nice.
  6. Josh

    Josh Member

    Those are some bouncy/happy tree's :)
  7. begla

    begla Project Founder and Lead Developer Staff Member

    At least there is a tiny bit of room for tweaks - will move the application of the shadow map from a per vertex to a deferred approach. Maybe this will help performance wise. :)

    EDIT: I would call them tree vibrators at that speed.
  8. overdhose

    overdhose Active Member

    it's nice you keep this in mind, but you don't have to alter things just to have it run on a specific system. After all, the different quality settings are intended just for that. Game runs fine on a more basic setting.
  9. ordnael

    ordnael New Member

    well done dude!
    Please, say to me that your next step is Radiosity :rofl:
  10. Cervator

    Cervator Project Lead and Community Wizard Staff Member

    Heh, I wonder if that's the thing begla showed me an example of as actually being the next thing ... :D
  11. nodots

    nodots New Member

    The best video card in my house is a gforce 8400 GS, so add settings to turn off features so I can still use the game, but have the incentive to upgrade. ;)

    EDIT: Drop dead gorgeous demo!

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