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    I picked up ARK a while ago and it is still in Early Release, yet probably one of the most successful and well-received of such titles. It also has a superb approach to survival and pets, that really resonated with me on getting ideas for Terasology. Taming dinosaurs can take a while and if they die they die - which makes it far more personal to engage with them. I'd love to have a system similar to that.

    I'm not at all experienced with the PVP or "gankbox" side of the game (don't get it confused with its weird e-sports version) as all I've played is PvE on small servers, which is plenty fun. Just a few days ago the Massively Overpowered ARK server reset and I jumped on to claim the little raised stump of land I settled on for a while with my wife on a private server :)

    I can highly recommend the game in general (although not for public gankbox style servers) and would be happy to play with a group from here from time to time, I've got a "Tribe of Terasology" set up and our main base on The Footpaw island near the south west corner of the map (the little stump in the bottom right corner of sector 70,20). Use spawn point South 1 if interested, but be mindful you won't actually have an indicator on a map in-game - it can take a little while to find the right place and while the southern part of that island is pretty peaceful there are still annoying little spitting dinosaurs and piranhas.

    If interested the server is public with a pretty straight forward "be nice" ruleset and PvE, more info in the link above. It is password protected but you can get the setup details by simply joining the Steam Group.
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