[Aug 18, 2012] Dev Meeting - organization (#terasology on Freenode IRC)

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  1. Cervator

    Cervator Project Lead and Community Wizard Staff Member

    Okay, apologies for the short notice on this one, have been dropping hints and notes here and there, but have been too busy to get some stuff in place I wanted ready before announcing this.

    We'll aim to do a dev meeting on IRC this coming Saturday around 5 pm EST. Focus is on project organization for ourselves and collaboration with Spout - a project a fair bit more mature than us with good experience we could take pointers from. So pinging any interested Spout members like Afforess RoyAwesome Zidane Olloth etc. Topics:
    • Formal organization - who is MovingBlocks and why does it matter? For starters we'll likely be moving the copyright notices from begla to the group as a whole. Do we need to register something officially?
    • License - currently we use the Apache 2.0 license but that choice was made in the Blockmania days when this project was a one-man tech demo. Spout has an interesting license setup where after 180 days the license swaps from a more restrictive setup (better positioning) to a looser setup (allows recovery of code that might otherwise go inactive due to restrictive licensing).
    • Money - scary topic, we actually had a few donations! Go go double-digit paypal balance. For now we'll just pay off part of the server hosting, but what happens if more money shows up? Does that impact licensing? What about merchandising - Gooey plushies? Who can sell what? I'm not a lawyer, so more experienced feedback would be appreciated
    • Potential contribution reward system - more on this (likely an incubator thread) at meeting-time. This might be hiding somewhere already visible to confirmed contributors.
    • We share TeraBullet now with Spout (or Vanilla?), might also do some math lib collaboration, and AlbireoX tinkered with a TeraSpout prototype. What other potential might there be, could we perhaps one day use SpoutServer for multi with a Terasology plugin rather than roll our own? What other small things can we do to get closer?
    • Release management - making Kai Kratz take over some of the scary Git stuff for the project (like code integration) and we might make the branches / releases fancier. Putting this at the end as we might flow from meeting into actually working on that. May include some talk on what repos to use for what (mods? art?). Our Jenkins is also getting nicer, with a fancy prototype job with checkstyle and unit tests enabled
  2. Immortius

    Immortius Lead Software Architect Staff Member

    What I don't understand is why the forum software isn't smart enough to convert the times to my timezone?
  3. Cervator

    Cervator Project Lead and Community Wizard Staff Member

    I dunno. The events module is an addon, not core, same guy who did the wiki so it might not be feature complete
  4. Nym Traveel

    Nym Traveel Active Member

    So could anyone translate this into german summertime? I don't trust my math or some strange websites with time convertion and summer/wintertimes ;)
  5. Cervator

    Cervator Project Lead and Community Wizard Staff Member

    I believe this would be 11 pm / 23:00 in Germany, Saturday evening :)
  6. Nym Traveel

    Nym Traveel Active Member

    Thats also what I ended with...
    Darn it, I have an urgent meeting with several friends and some beer steins at the last day of a local public festival called Allgäuer Festwoche :)
    Sorry guys :( (but c'mon, saturday evening? ;) :O)
    Will someone provide the logs that I may add my two cents when I'm again alive? :)
  7. Cervator

    Cervator Project Lead and Community Wizard Staff Member

    Sure, we'll save the logs. It might mainly be boring administrative stuff anyway :D

    I'm not married to the current scheduled time for future meetings. Could aim for early mornings US time instead, which would be Euro afternoons, and eastern evenings. Immortius I believe is 14 hours ahead of me, so the meeting is 7 am Sunday for him (I believe) makes scheduling tricky :)

    US mornings might then bowl over west coasters some, but I'm not sure how many of those we actually have. Spout seems more US-centric, they might have some there, we're more Euro-centric plus some all over. 10 am EST could be a suggested alternative - was going to ask at the meeting. Late-Friday party people might argue about having to get up early :D
  8. Nym Traveel

    Nym Traveel Active Member

    I can imagine that it's difficult to accommodate so many people.
    Well, most of the time the smaller groups will meet to handle their stuff; I think bigger meetings will be the exception, so you can take your time for this (If theres no public festival e.g. ;) )
  9. Cervator

    Cervator Project Lead and Community Wizard Staff Member

    Thanks for the solid participation all - we set a new IRC record with 40 in channel :D

    It might not have seemed like the most productive meeting ever, as it was mostly me rattling off assorted administrative updates, us discussing licensing at length but not really arriving at any big decisions, and me rattling off some crazy suggestions mostly being met with reluctance - which is fine, as it helped me a lot getting a better feel for what our desires are as a group :)

    I've got several follow-up items to work on and will post some threads when ready. I'll get a better summary up also - for now I've just attached the chat log (actual meeting starts at 17:00). Sleepy time :sleep:

    One early heads-up: I'm going to try planning for a birthday celebration for our little project here on September 29th, starting maybe 10 am EST, with our friends at Spout and Unicraft (Eve Uni MC server) invited, in the (online) style of probably live streaming via Google Hangouts ;)

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