Dev meeting Saturday, v1.0.0 release Sunday, GSOC Proposals start Monday

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  1. Cervator

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    Quick overall heads-up!

    Saturday March 12th at 4 pm EST we're having a dev meeting primarily on architecture - see its thread for details including alternative time zone examples. There is a little relevance for GSOC (in particular the rendering-related ideas) but it isn't critical for students to attend.

    Sunday at some point (quite possibly late as the change list is massive) will be the v1.0.0 release. Maybe we'll do some final play testing in multiplayer too. Come join :)

    Monday is the start date for proposals for GSOC. Any of our interested students will then have about two weeks to submit one or more proposals. See the GSOC thread for details.

    Students: There is still time to make a good impression! Use the weekend well and have fun while coding :)

    We still have a surprising amount of students and likely very few slots, although we did land a 3rd full mentor with @msteiger - thanks! As always we are eager to help you all learn whether or not you make it into the program :geek:
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  2. Carlos Cardenas

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    Dear Friend
    I´m Carlos Cardenas from Peru, actually student in system engineer, i would like to work in this project my knowlege is Python, C/C++, java, JavaScript was participate in the GsoC for Ascend4. And have expecience in database like to PostgreSql, MariaDb.

    I want to participate in this project love minecraft and feel curiosity for know and devel a great game like this.

    I will try to attend the developer meeting.
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  3. Cervator

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    Hi @Carlos Cardenas ! Could you please post an intro over in ? That's a better place to discuss and post your background and past experiences :) Also let us know there if you're interested in a GSOC slot or just want to learn with us and contribute normally. Cool that you were in GSOC before!

    You can pass by the meeting if you're curious, it isn't GSOC specific though, more about longer term architectural planning.

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