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    I'm thrilled to share the news that we've been acquired by Mojang! Our first priority is finishing the Modding API and then replace creepers with Gooey




    Okay, in my defense I haven't gone to bed yet so it is still April 1st to me, dangit!

    Been a while since the last mega post since we haven't had a ton of content to put in a new stable build, which is still pending (for two months, yikes!). Most the focus lately has been on non-core stuff and architecture (although as usual begla is adding more amazing 3d wizardry). We're getting very close to having a much nicer setup there. Some related news:

    • We have a game launcher project now, run by MrBarsack, mkalb, and Skaldarnar - getting close to stable release, which will likely be timed with a stable core build. Very important item, great progress, very much looking forward to making it the primary way to get set up with Terasology :)
    • We have a new "splash site" project hosted as a GitHub page at - this is meant to serve as a light-weight front-end that'll be guaranteed up even if we get "Gronkhed" again one day bad enough to melt our (much beefier) server as well as a brief intro to some of the core topics, videos, help pages, and so on. This site was started many months ago by 3000Lane on GitHub, then recently tweaked a bit by NowNewStart, MiJyn, and myself
    • A'nW released part 1 and part 2 of a block shape tutorial, super handy for getting set up to do something very useful and neat! Really showcases how straight forward it is to make new blocks. Well, nothing involving Blender is ever simple, but ...
    • Our new friend Droide posted a nice YouTube video (in Portuguese!) to his near 100k fans. Wonder what nationality will flood our site next?
    • Chrisk posted more music and is now on Spotify, Amazon, iTunes ...
    • We prepped a prototype implementation for the Leap Motion controller - in part because some of us nerds enjoy silly stuff like that, in part because it is neat and both sides gaining more exposure is a win-win :)
    • Finally I'm going to Europe and will be in Frankfurt around May 3-5th for a little Terasology get-together with begla, Skaldarnar, and Nym Traveel to begin with - we'll see who else we can get and what we can throw together

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