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  1. kaen

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    • Name: Bryan 'kaen' Conrad
    • Social:
    • From: US
    • Skills / Tools: Java, Debuggers, Profilers, strong imagination. Roughly a decade of real-time multiplayer game programming
    • Found via: It was destiny that brought me here
    • Interests: Very interested in rich game world simulation like Dwarf Fortress. Rougelike/adventure elements like Nethack, real time combat and interaction like Skyrim. More concretely I've been working on an alternative Pathfinding module, manipulation of GameEngines for testing, large scale AI simulation, and procuring a solid baseline of fundamental game mechanics modules suitable for developer use.
    • Extra: I have been fascinated by ornithopters for as long as I can remember
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  2. Cervator

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    Good to see an intro post from you at last! Badged :)

    +1 for Ornithopters. I played Dune 1 a reeeaaaally long time ago and one of the most memorable things IMHO was learning what in the world those were, hehe.

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