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    All good things must come to an end. After working on Destination Sol for 3 months, it's time for a show-and-tell.

    GSoC Checklist

    The original deliverables proposed by me were:
    • A cleaner and more intuitive code-base.
    • A module-based system similar to Terasology. (Completed to a reasonable level)
    • An easy ship-creation system that relies on Box-2D Editor for creating convex meshes out of any given texture. (Completed)
    • A new rendering system based on Terasology’s Rendering Pipeline. (In progress)
    I was able to implement everything that I had proposed in the first place, and then some.

    • Before the work period officially started, I was able to locate and fix the bugs in Box2D Editor, making it usable once more. The commits can be found here.
    • During the work period, most of my initial work was restricted to the Destination Sol repository, to allow Modules and Assets to work in the game. The commits can be found here.
    • After all the primary goals of the project were completed, I ventured to Terasology's rendering code, in hopes of polishing up the system and being able to extract it, to use in Destination Sol in the future. The commits can be found here.

    Even though the summer is almost done, Destination Sol Resurrected is far from over! :D
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    Woohoo! Keep up the good work! Nice to see Destination Sol moving forward :)
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