GSOC reveals May 4th and play test May 6th!

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Cervator, May 1, 2017.

  1. Cervator

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    Our regularly scheduled play test is Saturday May 6th and will start around noon US Eastern Time (you can subscribe to our calendar and probably get converted times that way). Details on the build to use will be posted here closer to the event :)

    The GSOC slot requests have been submitted to Google, who will announce the awarded projects on May 4th, so just a couple of days before the play test. This should let us throw in a feedback session during the play test for any interested students (and/or mentors) for suggesting things we could do better and ask why a proposal made it or didn't make it.

    In the meantime don't worry, be happy! Focus on your studies and May the Fourth be with you! :D If you like check out the latest post in our GSOC thread which has some ideas on how to organize the next step after the proposal: actually preparing to implement stuff!

    In other news check out the updates to the deer in WildAnimals - now with more death and meat! Er, I mean, poor little deer :(

    There is also a potential new Gooey variant with both concept art and an initial 3d model. Take a look!
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  2. Serj

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    Good luck for all accepted students!
    Summer will be hot! :cool:
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  3. Cervator

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    Tentative build for the play test is Omega #723:

    Still only tentative however and the server isn't up yet. I am hoping maybe we can find a fix for working in multiplayer and throw that in as well to try out GooeysQuests + WildAnimals together

    @Serj and other student candidates not in GSOC officially: I hope you'll consider staying with our community even without a formal slot, we are curious if any of you might be interested in unofficial side projects that might be a bit like a mini-GSOC, maybe even with a bit of funding from us directly. May be a little trickier finding mentor capacity or even the time to reach out to everybody to try organizing said side projects. But if you stick around the possibility is there :)

    I should be back online in 9ish hours to start prepping the server.

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