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    Figured I might as well finally get around to writing up an intro. :)

    • Name: Tyler 'Cata' Thompson
    • Social: GitHub:
    • From: United States (Travel around based on at school or home), currently a junior at Cornell University in New York studying both Computer Science and Game Design, home is in Illinois though.
    • Skills / Tools: I started off programming 10+ years ago(very young) with C++, but have since learned a lot of languages that would just need be needlessly listed here. Currently now focus mostly on C, Java, and Python. Have a background with a bunch of different tech aspects from school, from game development to machine learning to computer vision to robotics and so on. Currently working on a game for a course that utilizes LibGDX.
    • Found via: Google Summer of Code
    • Interests: I have a decent background with programming, but most of my interest lies within game design. Current project ideas are focused towards the Exploration World, Light & Shadow, and tools that would assist in their development. Outside of coding I do a lot of rock climbing and used to be somewhat competitive in various games, but not as much anymore.
    • Extra: Will be interesting working on anything here because I am used to being more the project lead or coding by myself. But I am ready to learn the new ways things go to get the best opportunity out of being a part of the community here.
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  2. Cervator

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    Thanks for the intro! Have a contributor badge for getting a PR through the workflow already :)

    If we haven't suggested (hard to remember who we poke for what) you check out Destination Sol you might want to take a look: - it is based on LibGDX, works on Android, and is published on Steam. Goal is to apply some stuff from Terasology to it and vice-versa to maybe one day get Terasology on LibGDX, Android, Steam, etc.

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