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  1. Frank Dong

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    • Name: Xinhang(Frank) Dong
    • Social: Github: Facebook:Xinhang Dong
    • From: China, studying at Brandeis University(sophomore, math and Cs major) MA, US
    • Skills / Tools: Java, Matlab, Blender etc
    • Found via: Google summer of Code
    • Interests: Java coding, game designing, I think Blender is such an powerful tool for people to design and create things, I've even created a blender game with my friends before and this is the website of our group~
    • Extra: a huge NBA fan, playing basketball as well as video games...
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  2. Skaldarnar

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    Do you already are setup running the game from source? You can find some useful info an how to get started in the quick start guide in our wiki. Let us know if you are particularly interested in some topic or one of the tasks from our list. There are various ideas that involve modeling and work with Blender, e.g., working on customizable characters, a full-fledged anatomy system (for players and mobs). We had a student working on Cities and Economy last year, so we could also find something closer to your math background ;)
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  3. Frank Dong

    Frank Dong New Member

    @Skaldarnar Yes, the game is awesome! And I am strongly interested in project #2648 " Enhancement for out Genome system", based on my previous experience designing Blender games and mathematic modeling, I think I could contribute a lot to this issue. Also, I think I could handle the "Light&shadow" issue based on my Blender techniques. You can view the previous game I designed with my partners on our website above. I've already come up with some fancy ideas. So what's the next step I need to do? thank you~
  4. Cervator

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    Heya Frank :)

    Did you do the source code workspace yet? You might want to look for a few simple (maybe even unrelated) tasks first just to get used to our workflow.

    If you like Blender check out @Nihal Singh's guide at put together from source material here on the forum, in our wiki, and from some personal experimentation.

    Talked to @glasz a while ago about the potential to do a GSOC item on creating a more complete creature editor addon for Blender that could handle writing and customize all needed game assets, not just the few things at present + then manually having to tweak a bunch of extra game files.
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  5. Frank Dong

    Frank Dong New Member

    @Cervator Yes, and I am currently considering add one or more creatures in the game. And I will try to implement the genome system into not only the plants but the animals as a potential GSOC project this year, do you think this is a plausible choice? @glasz I tried to add a creature into the game following the guide and the export file failed as no UV Layer(but actually I have more than one layers), could you please help me with that? btw, are we suppose to literally submit a pull request before submitting an application? seems a lot of works are needed for a pull request lol..

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