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  1. AvocadoInspirado

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    • Name: Sarah 'AvocadoInspirado' McDougald
    • Social: GitHub: Facebook:
    • From: I'm from Portland, Oregon, and am currently studying statistics and computer science at Northwestern University!
    • Skills / Tools: I have a year of experience learning and using Java, which culminated in a small videogame running on Greenfoot and using the Swing API. I have experience with BlueJ and Netbeans, and am starting to use IntelliJ with Terasology. (I'll also be taking courses in C++ and Python next quarter.)
    • Found via: I found Terasology listed in past GSoC projects. I've always wanted to learn more about game development, especially the underlying structure of a game, and the past Terasology projects reflect just that.
    • Interests: I've been reading about the Light and Shadow module and am very interested in contributing to it, particularly the possibility of creating a command map-- that sounds like an awesome game addition. Other areas I would enjoy working on would be creating player avatar selection or developing the Genome module.
    • Extra: I'll admit off the bat, I'm a first-year college student and have only been coding a year and a half, but I am willing to learn any skills necessary to participate. I'm currently studying git and am working through the mod tutorials on the Terasology wiki page. So if anyone has any tutorials or suggestions, throw them my way :) Excited to meet you all!
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  2. Cervator

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    Hello Sarah and welcome :)

    You should be fine skill-wise. GSOC doesn't assume you're already an expert - that's what we're supposed to help you get closer to!

    @SuperSnark will be glad to hear about more L&S interested contributors, and your GSOC interest picks are great. Here are some starting resources:
    Let us know how far you can get with those and if you have any questions :)
  3. AvocadoInspirado

    AvocadoInspirado New Member

    Thanks for the links! I have set up a workspace and am working on TutorialAssetSystem right now.

    That said, where are good places to ask questions about the tutorials or about the workspace? I'm currently running Terasology inside a Linux virtual machine, and it's a bit slow, so I've been trying to find ways to speed it up.
  4. Cervator

    Cervator Project Lead and Community Wizard Staff Member

    IRC is the absolutely best place to ask questions. Activity level varies by time of day since we have contributors all over the world, but if you go online, ask, then either hang out or check back once in a while you should get an answer soon enough :) Most users tend to leave a client logged in to idle to catch up with chat once in a while rather than sit around waiting for messages to respond to immediately.

    Hit the chat tab right here on the site for a shortcut there or pick any IRC client of your choice.

    Running inside a VM ... might be tricky in any case, however. Those don't tend to be optimized for graphics much :)
  5. Skaldarnar

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    Hey @AvocadoInspirado, still around? The application period just started, if you want to secure a spot with us you should have some preference on a project by now. Let us know if you are not sure yet or whether you need help ;)
  6. AvocadoInspirado

    AvocadoInspirado New Member

    Hey @Skaldarnar, thanks for asking!

    I've been working through the "How to Work With Us" list for MovingBlocks on the GSoC site:
    I've been sort of stuck on that last part, submitting a pull request. I did submit one (for the Potions module), but I had to make some changes in order for it to work properly. I'm not quite sure how to update the pull request. Or, should I just submit a new one?

    By preference, do you mean interest in a topic? I've started a proposal draft for a project centered around Light and Shadow, but I'm not sure if it has enough technical details. I'll be working on that in the next few days.
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  7. Cervator

    Cervator Project Lead and Community Wizard Staff Member

    @AvocadoInspirado you're fine on the PR front, it doesn't need to be merged to count - we just need to see you can get to that step :)

    If you make additional commits on the same branch that the PR is made from then you can simply push more commits to that branch on GitHub and the PR will update accordingly. Usually then you'll add a comment after indicating what was done, if it is ready to be reviewed again, etc.

    Good to hear you're working on a proposal!
  8. SuperSnark

    SuperSnark Lore Master Staff Member

    Yay! Welcome and I'm ecstatic to hear you're interested in working on L&S.
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  9. glasz

    glasz Active Member Staff Member

    I'm ecstatic all the same. Off with their head!
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