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    • Name: Ryan Augusta
    • Social: ,
    • From:United States - Cleveland, OH
    • Skills / Tools: Mainly worked academically - Few experiment projects I've done myself for fun. Java, Swift, Objective C for iPhone + iPad, Netbeans, XCode, Visual Basic, and Oracle SQL.
    • Found via: The GSoC searching through the list of organizations
    • Interests: Just a *minor* obsession with gaming, game development, and creativity. I'd like to learn how to develop games and contribute to Terasology any way I can. I don't think theres a particular part of Terasology I'm interested in working in; anywhere I fit in and can be some assistance. I'd like to be as versatile and flexible as possible.
    • Extra: I have a passion for code and creativity. Positive attitude always - I am very good with working with a team, am disciplined enough to work alone, and can communicating my ideas. Looking for a way to better my skills in programming / app development and contribute to a program such as Terasology.
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    Welcome Ryan!

    The more contributors the better. We all learn together here. Have you gotten a source workspace working yet with the instructions off GitHub? :)

    GSOC is hitting a deadline on Monday so it would be difficult getting a winning entry in by time, but we're happy to help teach and mentor anyway!

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