Intro Hello! I'm Alpago! :D

Discussion in 'Contributor Introductions' started by Alpago Göktenay Göçer, Oct 28, 2017.

    • Name: Alpago Göçer
    • Social: -Not using atm-
    • From: Turkey
    • Skills / Tools: I am learning Java and C#, want to be a game developer and i am teaching myself about game design. (Also working on algorithms)
    • Found via: I wanted to work on a project, so i looked for it and found GSOC. From there i researched every project and i sent to one of them (Spoiler its here) an email and, here i am :) I will do best i can even if i cant get selected for GSOC. This is best place to improve myself and get some experience because it matches with my goals. I am so happy right know about this :D
    • Interests: As i mention above, i want to be a game developer and i am teaching myself about game design. One of the my interests is Machine Learning, i know just the introduction part but i will improve myself about it. Teaching myself algorithms with this ( Actually i dont know what to work on at the moment besides that it will be about coding but i will find out.
    • Extra: I am from Turkey, freshman Computer Science/Engineer student. My college is teaching me Java, that's a plus i think.
  1. Cervator

    Cervator Project Lead and Community Wizard Staff Member

    Welcome to the forum at last :D

    Your timing is definitely great for GSOC! The only person who joined this early last time landed a slot, and has been an awesome community member since - hi @Nihal Singh :D We have another GSOC student from 2 years ago also from Turkey, @tdgunes :)

    Machine learning and AI are great topics! We have several contributors interested in that, and we're in touch with which is interested in preparing an agent that can learn to play Terasology, simply by feeding in a video stream and simulated keyboard+mouse. Another interesting possibility is

    NARS might be a little hard to get started with, but Serpent AI is very approachable. So even though it is in Python it might be worth playing with it a bit to see if you could get it started on Terasology :)
  2. Hello Again :D

    GSOC is really exciting thing and i care about this but i already got my prize when you (probably you, i dont know who answered my email) told me that i can help without GSOC. It's priceless atleast for me, and i am so grateful about this.

    I don't even know what NARS or Serpent AI does but i will learn it ASAP. I have long way to go (but i also have desire). I will do my best this year to learn what to do and how to do things :) (Thank you again for giving me this opportunity, and also please warn me if i make a grammer mistake so that i won't do it again.)
  3. Cervator

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    Yep that as me :)

    I would suggest to focus on just one, whichever fits your code language and ML interests better - I'd lean toward Serpent as looking more approachable even if not quite as sophisticated. And Terasology itself of course

    Looking forward to seeing you around for a long time, learning and growing with the rest of us :)

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