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  1. Emilio Buchaillot

    Emilio Buchaillot New Member

    • Name: Emilio Buchaillot
    • Social: EmilioBucha. FB
    • From: Argentina
    • Skills / Tools: I know some stuff in Java, Visual C#, VB.Net, Ionic Framework. I also have knowledge in some Managements Tools and Oriented Object Paradigm development
    • Found via: Internet obviously, looking for a curious project to participate. Also I was a regular Minecraft player
    • Interests: I'm here because I want to participate in the project coding in Java, reporting bugs, doing documentation, or what else you need from me. Maybe I can colaborate in music to, I'm a musician, bassist specifically, and I write and recording my own music.
    • Extra: Student in Universidad Tecnol√≥gica Nacional and in one year I'm going to become an engineer in information systems.
    • And here you can listen a little tracks that i'm working with, all done with only Bass guitar and programmed drums
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  2. Cervator

    Cervator Project Lead and Community Wizard Staff Member

    Hey there! Belated welcome :)

    You've come to the right place to do all those things! What would you like to work on the most?

    If you haven't yet check out the Dev Setup on GitHub so you can get a source workspace going and run the game that way. Let us know if you run into any issues :)
  3. Emilio Buchaillot

    Emilio Buchaillot New Member

    Hey! Thanks!.

    I prepare my workspace, but I didn't see any issue or topic in forums about music, I really want to participate in that topic. Can you help me?
    Also i'm trying to run into any other issue too. :)
  4. Cervator

    Cervator Project Lead and Community Wizard Staff Member

    Yeah music is a somewhat rare topic and there aren't any current outstanding requests. @Chrisk prepared us a two volume soundtrack quite a while ago which is a solid amount of music and @NeonInsect likewise has made some music for our other project Destination Sol :)

    However one new request we'll run into soon is combat music - as we're finally making some progress on the combat side of things. Maybe you can check out Chris' Vol1 and Vol2 soundtracks to see if you can gain some inspiration from them to imagine what fitting combat music might go with it?

    On the more detailed side of things with music files .. there I run out of expertise fast. You can check out the game assets to see how the .ogg files are configured.
  5. Emilio Buchaillot

    Emilio Buchaillot New Member

    Hey there, sorry for the late response. I have been writing some songs and I made .ogg files, so, how can I do a pull request correctly? or do I have to open a new forum topic?. Anyway, I upload those songs in my Soundcloud
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  6. Cervator

    Cervator Project Lead and Community Wizard Staff Member

    Best way to share the music would be here in the forum first, either in this intro thread or maybe a new thread in the art forum :)

    I listened real quick and I hear potential but also a degree of disharmony - like some bits of the track don't fit very well with other bits. Some instruments are not getting along - or something like that. I'm not much of a music critic, but maybe @Chrisk or @NeonInsect could describe it better.

    Keep at it and seek feedback - at some point we'll get to a place where somebody will find a spot for a piece that has matured, then next step after that would be PR :)
  7. Emilio Buchaillot

    Emilio Buchaillot New Member

    Thanks. Okay, I will open a new thread in the art Forum looking for some feedback and continue to improve these tracks :)
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