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    • Name: Benőcs Péter
    • Social: GitHub: , FB: Benőcs Péter
    • From: Hungary
    • Skills / Tools: I have intermediate knowledge of C,C# (WPF, ASP.NET), Java (Swing,Android) programming languages and I use common database query languages daily. I have experience using Eclipse, Android Studio, Visual Studio, IntelliJ, and had some fun using Unity too. I'm currently pursuing a Masters Degree in Computer Science.
    • Found via: I found it on the GSoC.
    • Interests: I'm fond of problem solving and have a strong motivation to continously improve myself. I found all of your project ideas interesting, but my favourites were the Genome module, and the Renovation for MasterOfOreon.
    • Extra: The MasterOfOreon project reminded me of a game I used to play. In this game I had to write the AI of a resource management and battle themed game, and after I finished it, I could send it to battle with other programmer's AI. I think I would enjoy solving the existing problems, and developing new functionalities based on AI. I also learned some AI algorithms at the university, and I am ready to learn much more to be able to contribute to this project.

      However, my personal favourite was the Genome module, I was always interested in genetics, and I even attended a Bioinformatics course at the university, where we learned some DNA sequencing algorithms. I would be happy to refresh my knowledge about these, and put it to some good use. The base idea you provided gives a lot of space to my creative freedom, and I have a lot of ideas. Most of them are possible to implement in my opinion, though I did not finish analyzing all the neccessary code.
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    Hey there @benocspeter welcome to the project! :)

    AI is a great topic, anything Bio as well. Have you gotten the game running from source yet? Seen some of the tutorials?
  3. benocspeter

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    Thank you!

    Yes, I have read the codebase structure and the entity system concepts to get a basic understading of the project, and I also builded it some day ago with all the relevant modules for my area of interest.
    Had fun commanding oreons , and trying the working parts of MOO UI.
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