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Discussion in 'Contributor Introductions' started by Naman Tiwari, Nov 3, 2017.

  1. Naman Tiwari

    Naman Tiwari New Member

    • Name: Naman Tiwari
    • Social:
    • From: Junior, Indian Institute of Technology Dhanbad
    • Skills / Tools: Java, C/C++, Python(beginner), Web Development(PHP, HTML, CSS, JS)
    • Found via: GSOC project listing
    • Interests: Interested in game development :D but new to this domain so do not really have a preference regarding a specific domain to work in this field, would love to explore.
    • Extra: I recently opened a PR (waiting for it to be merged) on Terasology repository but it was a really small fix (8 characters to be exact :p) Hope to make some bigger contributions in the future. As I am new to the open source world (programming world for that matter, so please bear with me if I ask some stupid questions along the way :))got to know some really awesome and helpful people with the first PR itself especially Cervator, whom I contacted personally and who was kind enough to guide me. So, as he suggested would love to know what the developers are working on in the Terasology world and if I could be of help in any way to them. Off to a great start and looking forward to a learning experience.
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  2. Cervator

    Cervator Project Lead and Community Wizard Staff Member

    Hey there! Welcome, and do ask any time you're wondering about anything, there are no stupid questions :)

    It helps to hop on our IRC if you're idle or on a computer for some other reason and can stay connected in the background. Discussion happens more or less randomly but over time it can give you a good feel for what's going on, while the forum can be a bit more quiet. Most the talk is on Slack but the main channel there is bridged to IRC as well as Discord. Actually joining Discord might be even better as there you get the chat logs more readily than via IRC (and there's a mobile app if that's more your style).

    Sometimes you'll hit the right timing and there's active discussion while you're around, often that'll be some topic of development that could use more volunteers. Pretty much everything needs more volunteers, but thanks to time zones, busy schedules, and so on it is often hard to connect the right people at the right times :)

    In the meantime grab the source code and see if you can get the game running that way. There are a few tutorials that could be useful, especially if you'll be around when Google Code-In starts. There will be a bunch of teenage students trying to learn the very basics and since you're already at the level of considering GSOC you should have no problem picking up a few things over the next 3 weeks that could be useful to help teacher students starting out at the entry level of programming. After November 28th or so our IRC will explode with activity :D

    For tutorials try out,, or - if anything at all is unclear please ask! We love feedback and if you find things you think you could improve please do!
  3. Naman Tiwari

    Naman Tiwari New Member

    I got the game running via the source code. I am going through the tutorials currently. I have my final exams going on currently so had to put some things on the back burner for a while :). My exams will continue till 24th Nov so I would defintinely be around for the GCI period :D.
    If I got it right, are you suggesting that I can be mentor in the upcoming GCI, I was under the impression that this requires much more experience with the org to achieve. I would love to contribute any way I could.
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  4. Cervator

    Cervator Project Lead and Community Wizard Staff Member

    Good to hear about running from source and busy periods are fine, just stay in touch :)

    Full GCI mentorship ahead of time takes some existing community experience yep, but nothing prevents you from being online and helping students when you can on IRC anyway, and if you do well at that you could be invited as an official GCI mentor before the work period is over :)

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