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    I'm Nikhil, a prefinal year CSE undergrad. I like to make games more than I like to play them, and I wasn't really into Minecraft as a player. But I'd love to contribute and add my touch to the game!
    • Name: Nikhil Satish
    • Social: Github: , email: nikhil_2811 at hotmail dot com
    • Site (outdated):
    • From: India
    • Skills / Tools: Java, Python, JavaScript, C++. I've mostly done full stack web development with Java (Spring) and Python (Django) backends and Javascript (Angular and React) frontend. I use Eclipse and IntelliJ IDEs for Java and emacs for everything else.
    • Found via: GSoC
    • Interests: I have unfortunately have not concentrated on game dev in college. I have made a few simple games during high school (including a pacman clone) in C++ which can be found in my github. I also started making a basic text dungeon RPG using java swing. I have been concentrating on Machine Learning, more specifically on Neural Networks and done some related projects.
    Contributions : Fireball - This is a module I made for Terasology. Something like it may already be there but it was fun to make. It adds a fireball tool/weapon which you can fire and which has the following properties:
    -> I noticed that for ArrowAction (crossbow) the arrow isn't visible and the target block is directly damaged. The Fireball is a more realistic version of a projectile wherein you can see it move and strike the target (if anyone else moves so as to obstruct the fireball, they will be damaged).
    -> It also has a health component. It takes as much damage as it deals. Therefore it can destroy more than 1 block in its path (depends on the health of the blocks and the fireball).

    Since the shape of the ball is a big rectangle, the collision is a bit imperfect in that only the center of the rectangle is considered. I'm in the process of figuring out how to make it look like a small cube. It was kind of fun and I felt great going around and shooting fireballs after I got them to work. This is something I like about game development.

    I know I'm late, but I'm thinking about my proposal and will update it here. I'm considering Cameras as Components and the plate tectonics one.
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  2. Anthodeus

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    Hello and welcome Nikhil!

    Sounds like you've been a busy bee with the modules :D . You could potentially get to look into the particle system to attempt some sort of effect for the fireball (which would in turn hide, or obscure) the shape of the fire"ball". Still, pretty cool. Will check it out when I get some time!

    The crossbow is a partial implementation of what it could be. We don't have a proper combat system just yet, but we do hope that changes in the meantime. We do want to eventually have arrows/bolts affected by gravity, grenades and all other types of shenanigans, but ya know, WiP :p

    I see you found the idea list for GSoC, and it doesn't seem you're all that late (still time till 3rd April). In the meantime, do consider joining the chatter of on the IRC on the #terasology channel. Ask about any question there and you will get an answer (eventually... :) )
  3. Cervator

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    Nice Fireball module @niksoc ! I tried it out via local multiplayer and could have two players aim at each other with the one fireball intercepting and killing the other, neat! Very well done, even if the squares look somewhat amusing.

    Would you be up for transferring that Fireball repo to the Terasology org on GitHub so we can add it to the module lineup? That's plenty to get yourself a contributor badge and count for the GSOC contribution. I've added you to a special team so you should be able to do the transfer if you're up for it :)

    I'm also totally going to enable that thing for the multiplayer test tomorrow - it starts in about 15 hours, I hope you can make it :D
  4. Cervator

    Cervator Project Lead and Community Wizard Staff Member

    Oh! One thing that did break: Fireball needs a dependency on Core set in module.txt, or it doesn't compile.
  5. niksoc

    niksoc New Member

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  6. Skaldarnar

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    Hello @niksoc, welcome to the team :)

    I just added a few comments to the proposal, adding to the ones that were already there. I can't wait to try out the fireball, that one sounds amazing. Considering the new (revived) particle system around the corner, I can see a lot potential here ;)
  7. niksoc

    niksoc New Member

    Unfortunately due to unforeseen reasons I won't be able to participate in GSoC :( . However I'd still like to do what I proposed at my own pace outside of GSoC. Would that be a problem?
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  8. Cervator

    Cervator Project Lead and Community Wizard Staff Member

    Doh! Sorry to hear that. The proposal was looking pretty good too. What happened? Let us know if you can, in public or private, or not at all if you don't want to. Just got us wondering.

    Yeah we might still be able to do some work outside of GSOC and we have some funds for that too.
  9. Skaldarnar

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    I'm sorry to hear that! In any case, we are happy to have you on board, working on your own pace outside of GSoC is definitely possible - that's what most of us do, anyways ;)
  10. niksoc

    niksoc New Member

    I do feel bad having to withdraw after you all took some time to review my proposal, but some stuff happened which I'm not comfortable sharing, I apologize. But there are some areas I really want to work on (positional damage and AI) whenever I can. My worry was that the topic may be reserved for a GSoC student. When I make some progress I'll create another thread and share it.
    @Cervator , I'm sorry I didn't understand? Funds for what?
  11. Skaldarnar

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    @niksoc that's fine, we won't ask again.

    In case that no student is working on the topics you mention as GSoC project we might be able to offer a GSoC-like program over the summer. We have some money we can spend as reward on completing specific task, e.g., by adding a bounty to a specific issue on GitHub. We cannot tell you whether there is another candidate for your area of interest until the projects are officially announced (May 4th I think). You are free to make more PRs, fix bugs, and stay active in chat and the forums, just as it is convenient for you :)
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  12. niksoc

    niksoc New Member

    Alright thanks! :)

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