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Discussion in 'Contributor Introductions' started by Serj, Mar 29, 2017.

  1. Serj

    Serj New Member

    Firstly I just wanna say THANKS! You made my night!

    I was playing few hours and I had come to conclusion - this is what I really want to do! It's a little bit sadly that I didn't saw this project early, but from this moment all my activities in GSoC will be only yours!
    Now I'm investigating code and will take some issue to be useful ASAP :cool:

    Some of my backgrounds:
    • Name: аr[]nе
    • Skills / Tools: Java, Python, JavaScript, Lua(Gideros), Groovy, C/C++, Golang etc.
      All basic stuff that use modern Java developer (e.g. Maven/Gradle, IntelliJ Idea/Eclipse/NetBeans/Vim/Sublime, *nix/Mac OS, bash, git/mercurial, Jenkins, sonar)
      A lot of Java tools and technologies which doesn't related to Terasology and gamedev, e.g. Spring Framework, Apache Camel, Storm, JDBC/Hibernate, Gemfire, OSGI, JBoss Fuse/Tomcat...
    • Found via: GSoC
    • Interests: Gamedev is my hobby. I'm really like to do it. This is a reason why in my free time I like participate in hackatons like Global Games Jam or Ludum Dare. It's always awesome when someone organize local format of these events, because you have opportunity to meet the same crazy folks like you:D Even if this local events were placed in hundreds miles from your home.
      Now I'm investigating projects, and I'm trying to figure out which of them doesn't have a crowd of folks and I have more chances and/or able to be more useful if nor. I will update my proposal when I'll make final decision.
    • Extra: There are a lot of my projects is not placed in Github, some of them you can find in Google Play. But I guess it's better to test me in action!:)
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  2. Serj

    Serj New Member

    Create pull request for issue #2864.
    Added online players counter to JoinServer menu.
    Working on the another issue =)
    stay tuned...
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  3. Anthodeus

    Anthodeus Member

    Heyo and welcome Siarhei!

    I see your first impression of the game went really well :D . I don't know if you tried it with any of the modules that exist already, but either way, seems like you had a good time, and that's great!

    If you haven't investigated yet, there's a whole slew of ideas waiting to be dissected and tried out right here. All of them are welcome additions to the project, but of course also not the only ones. You can come up with any narly idea, bring it up either on the forums or in IRC on the #terasology channel, talk it through with people that come across it / are online and you can chat with, debate approaches and get things going; they may even help you with whatever you want to make or shed some light on what other thing might be doing similar stuff ( no reason re-doing existing stuff)

    Nice to see you already got into PRs. Might wanna have it a bit more detailed for future reference though. The more info on the better, even a summarization is welcome. Looking forward to a fix :)
  4. Serj

    Serj New Member

    Hi Anthoudes,
    Thanks for your reply and time! I investigated some issues from list and some of them looks perfectly challenging :))
    Hard to choose which only one of them for GSoC...
    I asked about protobuf today. And I was worried that we are in different timezones with community, that because I decide just implement my idea and create new issue and PR for this improvements. At least we always can reject PR and move forward;)
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  5. Cervator

    Cervator Project Lead and Community Wizard Staff Member

    Hey there and welcome @Serj - met you just now on IRC as ar0ne and found this thread easily enough despite the name difference :)

    Very impressive background and a nice quick PR, merging already and got you a contributor badge here in the forum!

    You're pretty late for GSOC but maybe you've got it in you to still rush a viable proposal. Good luck :)
  6. Serj

    Serj New Member

    Thanks @Cervator ! I'll finish my proposal ASAP!)
    About our yesterday discussion I opened new issue about Protobuf updates and gradle tasks. The issue #2873 and made PR for it #2875.
    Hope it will be useful!!!)
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