How to add new planets and systems?

Discussion in 'Destination Sol' started by ferociousfeind, Aug 5, 2017.

  1. ferociousfeind

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    I think we've all seen the screenshot before:

    I really want to know how to create something like this e.g. more than the two systems ("default" and "hard"), and more than the three planet types (Rocky, Desert, Snowy). Whenever I try anything I get various errors along the lines of some javascript serialization error pointing towards a new ship's items being badly put together. Help???
  2. AvaLanCS

    AvaLanCS Member

    Can you please elaborate how you try to create it, and what error you are getting?
  3. vampcat

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    As Avalnacs mentioned, some more information regarding what you did would definitely be helpful! :)

    However, long story short, if you have a working DestSol workspace, go to the SystemBuilder class located at \engine\src\main\java\org\destinationsol\game\planet\ , and change the constants to whatever you want. The effect you want can be achieved by changing SYS_COUNT to a higher value (5 in your image).
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