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Discussion in 'Contributor Introductions' started by Gautam Naik, Jan 13, 2017.

  1. Gautam Naik

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    • Name : [/b[] "Gautam 'Gautam' Naik"
      [*] Social : Github name is MasterGN, IRC: Gautam. Facebook name: Gautam Naik
      [*] From : India
      [*] Skills / Tools: [b/] I've worked with Swift, and a little bit of Python.
      [*] Found via: A good friend
      [*] Interests: I liked playing Minecraft, and this game is similar to it. I enjoy coding, even though I'm still a beginner.
      [*] Extra: I would've loved doing more tasks, but it's too late, because I can't claim a task after today.

    A small feature I'd like to see in Terasology: If one is able to develop his/her own character and customize it according to his appearance, it would be nice. (just a suggestion)
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  2. smsunarto

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    Hey @Gautam Naik Welcome to Terasology!

    Yes, you joined a bit late :) But no worries, you can still contribute here all year long. Perhaps consider joining again next year?

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