[May 4, 2013] RL Terasology meet-up - Frankfurt (Frankfurt)

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    Edit: Cancelled last minute for logistics / cost / attendance :(

    Official post for the Frankfurt visit mentioned elsewhere :)

    I expect to arrive in Frankfurt late Friday May 3rd with my wife along for the ride. begla is otherwise occupied with fun surprise events set up by to-be-wifey that Sunday, but we've got the whole Saturday. Although I'm thinking about hitting the nearby Zoo early Saturday (big pull for wifey), maybe we can focus on that Saturday afternoon / evening?

    Not entirely sure where to meet yet, but it'll be in the vicinity of the central train station, which is also near where begla lives. If people want to try making it in early Saturday, we could meet up that afternoon, then either keep going till late evening if people want to stay overnight in a nearby hotel/hostel (there are plenty), or end earlier in the evening if people are close enough to travel back home by train.

    Who's going to be able to make it and when? My plans for Sunday aren't set in stone yet, thinking we'll spend the day making it back to DK via train, might have just a bit of time in the morning. Maybe we can stay around for part of the day if somebody can make it Sunday but not Saturday.

    Note that event time is in CET and tentative (1 pm in the afternoon local time)
  2. Cervator

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    Cancelling this with sadness, alas! While I would've been able to get to Frankfurt today the few tentatives have all hit trouble making it and it would just be me and Begla. Considering the cost and limited time there (part of Saturday) I talked to Begla and can't really justify the cost, even if it would've been fun to geek out about the OUYA, Leaps, etc.
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