Implementation ModuleTestingEnvironment -- Integration testing with in-process Engine objects

Discussion in 'Modules' started by kaen, Jul 26, 2017.

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    I've been working on a module to support integration testing. Basically it wraps up some helpers for creating instances of TerasologyEngine, loading a set of modules and getting everything to the in-game state. From there you can write test code exactly like module code, and it will run in the context of a real server rather than a mocked approximation of one. It's nearly ready for human consumption so thought I'd post about it here.

    There's an overview in the README, and examples in the test suite (of course).

    Bugs and feature requests should go on Github, but happy to answer general questions here as needed.
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    Awesome documentation and functionality! Engine PR has been merged and the unrelated issue fixed as well :)

    Now just need to get the module added properly :D

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