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  1. Cervator

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    No stable build post this time, just a quick note that a first round of Jenkins / Gradle / Artifactory / Release related changes have been merged. This is part of the logistics arc to finally doing a proper release management approach with SemVer-based versioning.

    It means a few things:
    • Latest unstable build doesn't currently have any modules attached. The way they're packaged is changing. Latest stable still has modules. Next stable might be tricky :)
    • For developers the build.gradle in the Core module has changed in a way that'll likely make Gradle tasks fail if you have other source modules locally until you copy in the new version from the Core module (copy "build.gradle" from modules/Core to modules/[AnyOtherName]). Normally you can use "gradlew refresh" to auto-refresh the file in every local module, but the change breaks the initial Gradle execution phase so it never gets around to copying out fresh files ;)
    • Artifacts in Jenkins can now be published to different "repositories" in Artifactory, our artifact management system. The version for the engine in latest unstable is now 0.45.1, which is a SNAPSHOT build for what it is worth. There may be some funny dependency resolution for a while.
    Please let me know if anything weird happens, that isn't a very unlikely scenario and it may take a bit to get stable there again. But by then we'll have release management, woo!

    Edit: Will start catching up with PRs now. Although weird 40 minute engine builds slow down testing a bit :(
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  2. Marcin Sciesinski

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    I think you mean to coy "build.gradle" from Core to other modules, not "module.txt".
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  3. Cervator

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    Thanks for the catch, yep - corrected :D

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