Next multiplayer test event, new CrashReporter release, more gradlew idea woo!

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Cervator, Jul 30, 2016.

  1. Cervator

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    Saturday August 6 is our next regularly scheduled multiplayer test session! With a little luck Alpha 3 will be released before then, including various goodies from recent GSOC work. Focus during testing:
    Event should start around noon eastern US time on Saturday - check the calendar tab and maybe add it to your own Google Calendar for easy time zone translation? Somehow. Time is hard.

    Beyond that I just released our CrashReporter at v4.0.0 with the ability to now embed it in source format in a Terasology workspace - so development on it can proceed hand in hand with Terasology changes without needing to compile it to a binary and distribute it somehow and depend on it from Terasology. To get the CR embedded:
    gradlew fetchLibCrashReporter
    gradlew idea
    This will place CR source at libs/CrashReporter in the Terasology workspace, register it in IntelliJ as a Git sub-root, and so on. The "gradlew idea" is also needed after pulling latest develop branch source as the CR dependency has been redefined some.

    Finally check out Better Than Minecon's 2nd coming for 2016! A Minecraft convention inside Minecraft, live now unless it crashed and burned again (as is tradition). I did a panel last time but this time around didn't have time to set anything up. Still full of all kinds of fun mods and modders, some of which we might see around here from time to time :)
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  2. manu3d

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    I don't think I'll manage so early as I have guests. But I'll try to jump in as soon as possible.
  3. Cervator

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    That's fine! I forgot to mention it'll probably last a few hours, so there'll be time :)
  4. HeadClot

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    I might be able to make it this time around. :D
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