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Discussion in 'Destination Sol' started by AonoZan, Aug 10, 2017.

  1. AonoZan

    AonoZan New Member

    Hi! I have made four ship textures. Its about new faction. Faction theme is organic, take look at the ships.
    Tell me what you think.

    Also Im trying to figure out how to adjust .json file in hulls folder for each hull so any tips on that and if u use any software and how. Right now i have imperial files as a placeholder and I have tested in map textures.
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  2. SigmaOne

    SigmaOne New Member

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  3. AonoZan

    AonoZan New Member

  4. SigmaOne

    SigmaOne New Member

    The graphics look very good now. The conflict is because you have developed the faction on an old version of the game, and not the develop branch, as the develop branch uses a new module system for content.

    EDIT: You could maybe position the weapon and docking thing a bit better on the station. Maybe the weapon in the middle? Not sure where the docking thing could be put though.
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  5. AonoZan

    AonoZan New Member

    Can I not include any weapon on station? I had some issues not putting any weapon slot on station (in json file). It wont run if none weapon slot is present. My bad about branching, Ill work on fixing that currently I have some issues even running that develop branch.
  6. Cervator

    Cervator Project Lead and Community Wizard Staff Member

    PR has been merged! Working great in the latest version :)

    We need to improve the faction code so we can get some more fighting going but very cool to see the new stuff in-game
  7. vampcat

    vampcat New Member

    @AonoZan Still having problem with develop? We would be more than glad to help you get it up and running :D
    Also, once again, great work!

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