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    I suckered myself into sinking a full $699 into the Ouya Kickstarter as an investment. I'll pause here for the collective sigh at my optimism, don't forget to throw rainbow ratings at me :rainbowdetermined:

    The advice to "wait and see" was strong on this one and appreciated, but I realized I couldn't forgive myself if I let my ever-present caution block me, then see this explode further down the road, missing out. Not that anybody really misses out as the SDK will be freely available, but anyway. I wanted to do something special. $699 is both a lot of money and simultaneously tiny in investment terms.

    I'm purely taking this gamble as a personal risk, it's all my money, not to be covered by any of our burgeoning (two-digit!) donation winnings. At least not unless it does pay off in the end somehow. Which I don't really know how it would yet :rainbowhuh:

    I have a co-worker who also signed up for the Kickstarter, at the "normal" tier where you just get the console. I figure I might be able to tempt him into helping out, especially if there are extra/early toys involved along with some geek cred. He's likely not alone, shiny toys are attractive.

    Also, I see this as a bit of a stand in the ground. I am committed to this project, through thick and thin, and if nothing else this proves that to myself and serves as further motivation. I'm not expecting anybody else to go nuts like this or anything, but I firmly believe that we're for real making something amazing happen here. And as early as December - heck, it might be possible to play Terasology on a TV :omg:
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  3. Immortius

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    A braver man than I.

    I need to bone up on what the limitations of Android development are. :)
  4. x3ro

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    Just backed it too, just to get a console, though. Thanks for pointing me to the project, Cervator :)
  5. Cervator

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    Huh, why'd I post this in the Site forum. Re-enabled Portal mode and made it an announcement. Np x3ro cool to see more are interested :)

    Also: I DEMAND MOAR RAINBOWS! :rainbowlaugh:
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    Potential: high.

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