Play test session: Sunday March 19th ~ 1 pm US Eastern Time

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    Short notice one here since @xtariq figured out some more fixes for NeoTTA that could use a round of multiplayer testing, including a rework of the effects (buffs etc) system and a bunch of fixes to equipment when in multiplayer.

    Aiming to start around 1 pm ET but will likely go all afternoon and be around earlier. Will be preparing the build Saturday and will update this thread + IRC + Discord and all the places when the build is ready and the server updated :)

    This might also be a good opportunity for our prospective GSOC students to check out a multiplayer session as well as discuss if any good topics come up.

    Finally after all that maybe we can finally release Alpha 7 so if anybody wants to chip in further with its release testing issue please do!
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  2. Cervator

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    Server has been updated using Omega 691 - be sure to grab that release to connect to the server. Although using a source client does work in some cases (automatic module download or good enough source versions) that can lead to quirks :)

    Connect to the in-game listing for "Official Event Host"

    Goal is testing out NeoTTA now with some work by @xtariq including functional equipment (use c to access the equipment screen), overhauled effects (from potions, gear etc), and much more. Server may reset or get reconfigured as the day progresses.

    As for one reason why this is on a Sunday I'd like to take the opportunity to humbly plug the Massively Overpowered ARK Survival server, which has been keeping me entertained from time to time, partly from it being about the only game I can get my wife to play and partly because it has a lot of game dev inspiration matching some of my desires for Terasology dating back years. Earlier Saturday we did a jousting event which was pretty nifty - and seems like the sort of thing we could work out as soon as we get some more actual creatures and maybe tweak at combat some :D

    I have a "Tribe of Terasology" in there and would be thrilled to see some more community members from here check it out to get inspired! May be especially relevant to the GSOC content ideas.
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    Starting play test now - some example focus points to check on:
    • Use Naturecrafting (n) to craft a tool - usually an axe hammer. Harvest dirt (for small rocks and stuff), branches, and leaf blocks
    • Chop down a tree and get at least 7 tree trunk blocks of the same type (or 2 of one and 5 of another). Place two trunk blocks adjacent and right click a top face with your axe hammer to get a wood workstation. Place the tool in the middle tool slot and 5+ logs in the top left to get 10+ planks, place those in the upgrade slot to get an advanced wood working station
      • Suspected crash may still be active here. Let us know if it happens - but even if it does just log back in and your advanced workstation should be ready
    • Do a "search portable" in the game console, request one or more portable workstations, try to work them. You often need fuel (sticks or smithing:coal), water (get a woodenbucket and go right click it on a water block)
      • With the PortableForgingStation you can make bronze items with enough "bronzebar", coal in the fuel slot, and a CopperForgeHammer in the tool slot
    • Open the equipment / character screen with "c" - does it look right? Look for some items via console (or make them with smithing!) and equip them. Do they increase stats etc?
    • Try out some potions. You can use the portable workstation and herbs you find in the world to make some. May still need to get glass vials from the console, or maybe they can be made somehow with sand?
    • Try getting some seeds via console and place them in the world. Do they grow plants or trees OK?
    Note that one big outstanding issue is that you can't right click to eat things - when drinking via right click was added it accidentally took priority over eating, so if you fail to drink the right click action ends prematurely. Whoops.
  4. Cervator

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    Test went very well! About 10 new bugs were dug up and several are already fixed or have PRs pending with fixes.

    NeoTTA was stable enough as was everything else to where Alpha 7 has finally been released, huzzah!

    Maybe some change notes later but there is so much ... :cautious:
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