Post-GCI Module Reorganization/Clean Up

Discussion in 'Developer Portal' started by smsunarto, Jan 27, 2017.

  1. smsunarto

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    Google Code-In 2016 is now over, and now it's time to reorganize the assets of the modules that have a lot of activities in GCI.

    Some prefab files are all over the place, some textures simply doesn't look right and/or doesn't fit the overall design of the game.

    To-Do List:
    • Check for any GCI related pending PRs.
    • Move prefab, block, item files to their appropriate folders.
    • Replace some textures to fit the overall game style/make it look better.
    • Come up with a naming convetion and apply it to every item, plants, potions, etc.
    • Low Priority (Since it's not really that important yet): Check for unbalance equipment, food, etc
    Repositories to Check:
    • SimpleFarming
    • Equipment
    • Cooking
    • Potion - Thanks @Trekmarvel for changing a lot of the potion textures to fit the overall design!
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  2. Trekmarvel

    Trekmarvel Member

    Agree, there's a lot of work, in the next days I will upload a bunch of new textures. :)
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  3. smsunarto

    smsunarto Federal Gooey of Investigation

    I've created a Potion Design Template, in which you can easily create new potion textures simply by moving the hue slider in Photoshop :) In case there's some potions texture need updating.


    Thanks @Trekmarvel, We appreciate all your hard works ^^
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  4. Nihal Singh

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