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    Actually aimed to get this out two weeks ago getting back on 2 builds per month but we hit a crazy activity peak with several major systems getting merged in and tweaked on a bunch. Still not exactly the most stable build ever but amazing amount of new (or old) working content modules :)

    Full changelist in Jenkins, you can get it at GitHub or download it directly here, or better yet use the launcher.

    List of stuffs related to the build:
    • NUI by Immortius got merged to engine and replaced the main menu with a fresh new look. Still more to go, especially in-game, but some of that has started sneaking into the develop branch (and even a module or two)
    • synopia got behavior trees for AI stable enough to where support for them now exists in the engine and they're used in the Pathfinding module as well as in LightAndShadow
    • WoodAndStone and its dependencies by Marcin Sciesinski have entered the default module line-up with its own custom world, trees, crafting system, caves, and ore placement (the final two based on code contributed by JRoush from his MC ore mod) - there is even a 3x3x3 charcoal furnace that puts out a nice heavy black smoke :D
      • Note: There is a known issue where world creation for the "Over the Ages" option used with this module crashes the game, due to some loading sequence problem. It is possible to get a viable world but it may take a few restarts & retries.
    • msteiger has made the Cities module nicer than ever
    • Mike Kienenberger has been overhauling several older modules including Miniions which is included again and (mostly?) functional, including Oreons growing crops on request (what crops? Oreon plants, of course!)
    • The in-game console has been updated and now opens with the "grave" key (the ` key above tab for most keyboards). That leaves tab for auto-completion. You can remap the console key but in this build may have to restart the game to have it take effect (fixed in the unstable build)
    • Screenshots come out in a more manageable size again and shouldn't lock up the game for a bit - configuration options should come later
    • Light & Shadow is moving again, currently holds a nice demo of Pathfinding and has the player start with an assortment of L&S goodies
    Also going on:
    • We may have had our first RL meetup (with people not already living in the same city) with Skaldarnar and synopia meeting to discuss code over beer :D
    • World gen development is moving forward and a better framework is coming into place, in particular with Cities and WoodAndStone. A new discussion thread is up started by Josharias looking to build further on the framework introduced in AnotherWorld (the world gen module for WoodAndStone)
    • The annotations for In and CoreRegistry changed package with the old versions deprecated - use the new versions under org.terasology.registry
    • ItemComponent lost its name field in favor of DisplayNameComponent (old name: DisplayInformationComponent)
    • Headless mode for the engine is being developed - first intended for unit testing but may get us headless server for multiplayer soon :)
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