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Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Cervator, Dec 13, 2012.

  1. Cervator

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    Okay this is a big one - I'll have to try being brief per item and link to more details or I'll never finish / break the forum :)


    Cooked for nearly two months in a somewhat quiet period this none the less gets us one of the most important things we need: Functional modding. This is huge, and already pretty easy and straight forward. Start looking, modding, and sharing - please forward this to anybody you think might be interested :D

    As I was suspecting activity is picking up again and it could get better yet with the new modding potential and some free time over the holidays. Stuff that is pending here and there!


    More misc
    • We got a mention in print from the German gaming magazine c't! A Terasology build was included on a bundled CD/DVD as well. Maybe they could've picked a more interesting screenshot ... :D
    • Immortius participated with a small team in one of those themed and time limited game dev contest leading to Footbrawl - check it out!
    • IntelliJ 12 is out and we've got an open source freebie license for the Ultimate edition to hand out, woot!
    • Supplies for making prototype Gooey plushies have been acquired - lets see what might come from this .. ;)

    Like indicated recently direction is good and we're getting more of it
    • A'nW has started up a bit of a block factory in the forum for creating new blocks and reviewing submissions to get some quality blocks for the very core of the game including a starting batch of handy shapes and some fencing (should make it to develop soon). Also: Cheese wheels or over-sized gold coins? You decide!
    • Hunter team badge is ready, yay :D Some stuff happening there soon
    • I'd like to focus over the next stable build (month'ish?) on getting as much pending (and some brand new, I'm sure) content crammed into the source tree as possible
    • Next after that - possibly pause for a bit with a fairly clean network graph to be able to do some overall source tree refactoring on structure, checkstyle fixes, splitting out mods, and maybe something Android related? Mainly planning ahead for a quiet period to avoid massive conflict storms
    • Personally I'm finally managing to squeeze more time out of life for Terasology - admittedly at the cost of sleep and sanity, but hasn't that lead crazy people to great heights in the past? ;)
    Okay info dump complete! Now I must sleeeep
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  2. metouto

    metouto Active Member

    Sleep tight my friend :sleep: you have done well :coffee:
  3. Nym Traveel

    Nym Traveel Active Member

    Good night :)
    You know, this is awesome - so much things nearly completed or with severe progress. Just :omg:
  4. Janred

    Janred New Member

    Lots of great Stuff in here ;)
    Someone should translate this for the Germanforum :p
    You guys are doing well :D
  5. Cervator

    Cervator Project Lead and Community Wizard Staff Member

    Thank you for volunteering, Janred! :D
  6. Janred

    Janred New Member

    :speechless: ... at least i could try ;)

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