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  1. Cervator

    Cervator Project Lead and Community Wizard Staff Member

    The merge of our develop branch (with content + graphic tweaks) into multiplayer is complete! And nh_99 has been able to resurrect the combat branch which now also works again. Both need testing! :)


    While the content modules from develop have not yet been adjusted (or extracted to the new structure) to work with multiplayer the actual multiplayer functionality works and is decently stable - all hail Immortius ! Please help us with some initial testing and observation of what might not be quite right yet :)
    • Build is available in Jenkins
    • Be sure to clean out old game data dirs- this build has changed a lot
      • On Windows the usual dir is something like C:\Users\[user]\Saved Games\Terasology
      • May also have stuff under C:\Users\[user]\AppData\Local\Temp/lwjglcache or C:\Users\[user]\AppData\Roaming\.terasology
      • On Linux / Mac similarly look under your user home dir / saved data dir
    • An alternative is forcing the game to use its home dir to also store data - that way old dirs won't get in the way. You need to launch with the "-homedir" argument:
      • Via Windows command prompt or run menu launch with "terasology.exe -homedir"
    • There is no headless server yet, launch the client normally then "Host Game" to create a new world
    • Have others join by launching normally and "Join Game" (setup is pretty standard)
      • The latency meter might not be working yet, try it anyway if it has a red X
      • Game uses port 25777 if you need to set up port forwarding
    • You can also run a second client on your own machine just to help test. In that case be sure to use the homedir option described above or multiple game instances will be using the same game data dir - that will end poorly :)
    • There may be a physics timing bug making you fall through the world for a brief moment when starting. You should be able to dig your way out
    • God mode (double space) is not available in multiplayer, at least not yet
    • There is at least one known graphics issue currently active for some users in both develop and multiplayer. For other issues see GitHub and feel free to report further issues there or here in this thread :)
    • We're especially curious how the game will handle in actual multiplayer between different computers as most testing so far has been multiple clients on one machine

    aherber prepared a nice physics-based combat system a long time ago but the branch diverged from core Terasology updates for too long and he eventually had to retire before being able to get it up to speed :(

    Enter nh_99 who was able to not only find a working copy (rather than a broken half-merge which was all that remaining on GitHub) but bring it up to speed with the latest from develop! Yay! While it is still based on the develop branch and not multiplayer that'll be coming soon. In the meantime we could use some initial testing!
    • Build is available in Jenkins
    • Start a game with at least the Combat and Portals modules active (but not Questing, which is broken in that build)
    • The beginning goodie chest contains three different bows and you'll have a sword in the toolbar
    • The bows will fire arrows in different ways:
      • One pierces blocks slightly and sticks - enter "took an arrow to my knee" joke here
      • One simply hits things then usually falls down
      • One ricochets like mad off surfaces (try it in caves!)
    • At least some arrow types are affected fully by gravity and lose height with distance. Try shooting arrows straight up - just don't stand right under a bunch of them ;)
    • Get portal blocks from the console with /giveBlock "portal" and place some - the creatures that pop up can be hit with the arrows!
    • Sword isn't quite working again yet :(
    The Great Convergence

    Continues! Although as indicated above the first big phase is complete (develop -> multiplayer)
    • Forum thread is still getting regular updates
    • Thousands of Checkstyle violations have been addressed (thanks Immortius !) - code base is getting pretty!
    • I'm focusing heavily on my part in the restructure this weekend (even took Monday off to get more work done!)
    • I put todo items in the test org issue tracker in case anybody is curious / looking to help. They're divided into three phases.
    • At this point the existing develop branch can be considered in a soft code freeze with it becoming legacy soon. Modules will be extracted from there into separate GitHub repos
      • By "soft code freeze" is meant no new work should be based on that branch as it will soon be overwritten by the multiplayer branch. A separate "legacy" branch will be kept around with all the original commits (since a lot of people contributed code while multiplayer was being developed, but all that was squished together with the merge)
    • Multiplayer branch should be the base for all new development, however, the restructure will move the entire src dir soon, so not quite ready for any substantial projects just yet
    • After TGC is done we'll have a solid foundation for fun stuff like a headless server option and maybe even an Android version of Terasology :)
    Other updates

    While it has mostly been quiet lately (which isn't really a bad thing with the codebase getting restructured) we're gearing back up for another major round of development after TGC. Here are some highlights of what has been going on in the meantime:
    • x3ro is back (at least for a bit) and kicking off another round of GUI design
    • Skaldarnar is pushing his PAG system to the next level and trying it out in the new module structure
    • We got some shiny new Netbeans instructions for setting up Terasology, which is long overdue - thanks XanHou ! He's also tweaking at something physics related.
    • Guild Wars 2 is free to play this weekend and I'm checking it out for inspiration. Made a post in the Game & Book Forum and will be happy to have more feedback from others that have played or to play with somebody. Started on "Devona's Rest" not that it seems to matter much. Can coordinate on IRC if interested :)
    • We still have a Hexxit MC server running on our webhost just for the fun of it. Thank my niece for digging up that mod pack, heh :D Another activity to coordinate on IRC if interested.
  2. Arthur

    Arthur New Member

    Good Morning,

    I downloaded the Multiplayer build and tried running terasology with two instances locally on my computer (with homedir option). After one client hosts and joins the game the other client can't find it under the Join Game list, even when specifying the correct ip address. No errors are thrown i just can't find the server to join.
  3. Arthur

    Arthur New Member

    UPDATE: Adding a server with a specific ip address (, local) still says that no server is available. However if i try and join that server anyway it correctly joins
  4. Cervator

    Cervator Project Lead and Community Wizard Staff Member

    Hi Arthur and thanks for testing :)

    Were you using "local" or "localhost" at first? Is only "" working (and that only partially if it doesn't show up) ?
  5. Arthur

    Arthur New Member

    No problem.

    If I'm hosting a server locally and connect with a second client on the same machine that second client has to add a server with the address of 127.0.01 to connect. This server then appears but the connection image is crossed out. If i click to join the crossed out server it then joins without problem and works fine.

    I also tested across different pc's on the same local network the only problem for both tests being that when you want to join a game no servers are displayed in the list. You have to manually add them then force a join.

    Cheers man
  6. Arthur

    Arthur New Member

    Srry I never typed in local or localhost for the address i just used
  7. Cervator

    Cervator Project Lead and Community Wizard Staff Member

    Much appreciated for the extra details!

    I suspect we don't have automatic LAN game scanning just yet - so I don't expect any servers to pop up without being manually added yet :)

    Adding an entry and still having a cross, yup, I get that too. I imagine Immortius knows already and has it on a list somewhere, but pinging him anyway just in case :geek:
  8. Arthur

    Arthur New Member

    Sweet as I thought it might have been an error or something. One quick question if its not too much of a bother. Is there a way of forking the github repository for the multiplayer build? I can't find it under https://github.com/MovingBlocks/Terasology
  9. Cervator

    Cervator Project Lead and Community Wizard Staff Member

    Just look for the branch drop-down - you need to pick multiplayer to see that code :)


    When you fork the repo you get the multiplayer branch too, but default to develop. You can check out a local copy of the multiplayer branch in your remote repo with something like:

    git checkout origin multiplayer


    git checkout remotes/origin/multiplayer

    (I forget which one works when)
  10. Arthur

    Arthur New Member

    Cheers Cervator thanks for all the help man. Ill get back to testing.
  11. Immortius

    Immortius Lead Software Architect Staff Member

    Ah, yes. We neither have LAN scanning, nor pinging of servers to update the health icon.

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