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  • Name: Rishabh Jain
  • Social: Facebook, Github (my nick will mostly contain my name in it.)
  • From: Department of Computer Science & Information Systems, Birla Institute of Technology and Science, Pilani, India
  • Skills / Tools: I have the knowledge of C/C++, Java, Python, mySQL and almost all of web development languages. I have a good experience with fusion 360, Unity and Unreal engine 4. I was also an instructor in my college student teaching program for 'Introduction to Game development'.
  • Found via: Googling 'GSoC 2017' search result
  • Interests: I've no past experience with the open-source contribution, but I'm really eager to contribute and learn from it. I'm really interested in working with an open-source game project organization like Terasology. I have played Minecraft and liked the concept. And so will be happy to work on something like this, for this summers as a 'GSoC 2017' project.
  • Extra: Though I have worked on some of my own projects which include creating objects, maps, small games and some props for those games only, It'll be a great experience if I can be a part of something at this scale. I also like to watch TV series, and movies and get some motivation/ideas from those (GOT and Westworld more specifically). I'm an avid foodie and also practice scriptwriting as a hobby. I know basic Spanish. I also have a good amount of experience with Finance and marketing.
Will look forward to work with all of the developers. You can add me on Facebook too. Let's code!


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Good to see you made it to the forum! Finance and marketing? Neat, that's not something we come across often :D GoT and Westworld are excellent sources for inspiration, we also have a brewing LOTR-inspired setup going somewhere.

Have you gotten set up to run from source code yet, checked out the GitHub wiki some, etc?