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  1. Cervator

    Cervator Project Lead and Community Wizard Staff Member

    Here's a proper site tool thread for this one. Previously we had just discussed it in PMs and in an internationalization post elsewhere. This thread is specifically for the tool, not so much coordination for actually translating stuff.

    I just finished updating the Weblate 2.1 droplet previously at http://weblate2.terasology.org and updated DNS so http://translate.terasology.org now forwards there.

    The old Weblate 1.9 droplet is available if needed for review at http://oldweblate.terasology.org - I expect I'll destroy it in a little while after we're sure all is well on the new server.

    Please help test! Let me know if anything looks out of order. Can you log in with GitHub OAuth as before? Can you get to the admin screen with your GitHub account? The generic admin password remains what we shared earlier and still works.

    Left on the todo list is potentially looking at the pyuca library listed in the status report as missing (it is for alpha sorting in other charsets) and considering moving to JSON from properties files so we can use extended characters in the raw files rather than encoded stuff.

    Open question: Is it a thing in French to leave a space / unbreakable space before punctuation like question marks or exclamation points? When I test stuff I just find something easy Weblate is warning about, like trailing whitespace before punctuation, remove it, commit, push.

    But I'm seeing trailing whitespace like that in French a lot and even found a Wordpress feature request to do unbreakable spaces before punctuation like that. @glasz / @Calinou is that a thing? Do we need to find a way to tell Weblate to expect (unbreakable) spaces before some punctuation?

    Edit: I'm not entirely sure if email notification is working on not. I've tried to provoke it but am not getting anything. The new server is still using gooey@terasology.org where the old one was using translate@terasology.org - delaying the switch to translate until we're entirely done so we can tell the two apart.
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  2. glasz

    glasz Active Member Staff Member

    Normally there should be no space between a word and the following punctuation, but it might be a case where a lot of people make the mistake of leaving such a space (i don't because i know better :D ).
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  3. Cervator

    Cervator Project Lead and Community Wizard Staff Member

    Bump. We've gone through an update or two for Weblate and it is in pretty decent shape now. Running via Docker and I only half understand how :D

    @GNUrocks is another Weblate user and has been curious about machine translation, which is available within Weblate (I saw the config within settings.py, there's also some documentation). While he's curious in general (is there a separate associated project? I actually forgot to ask) it might be something we could use for comparisons / placeholders. But I'm already doing too much at once (and am unfamiliar with our setup after we went Docker) and am wondering if anybody else has availability to check it out. @qwc? @msteiger?

    I noticed backups weren't enabled for the Weblate droplet yet (whoops?) and enabled them. No snapshots either, wouldn't be able to make one without turning the droplet off first in which case I'm not sure how long it would take me to start everything up correctly again :) We could clone it either after making such a snapshot or wait for a backup to generate. Then try to uncomment the machine translation piece in config, restart, see what happens.

    We also badly need to update our install docs. Maybe move it to the TeraMisc wiki (not enabled yet) as it isn't really engine related and TeraMisc contains our website support stuff.
  4. GNUrocks

    GNUrocks New Member

    Hello, that's me! I hope someone can get the update/ clone up and edit the settings.py file to see if machine translation works for you, because it doesn't for me. If you meant me, Cervator, there is no public associated project, I'm just trying Weblate out. There may be one some time and that will be using Weblate to translate university website stuff in order for students to learn English and translating.

    Here is what needs to be done to enable machine translation:
    Edit file .../weblate/settings.py (for you it is docker-weblate/settings.py Cervator told me), find MACHINE_TRANSLATION_SERVICES = { ... and then uncomment trans.machine.weblatetm.WeblateSimilarTranslation and/or trans.machine.weblatetm.WeblateTranslation.

    The server needs Whoosh 2.5.2 at least. You can check for that with the command
    pip list|grep -i whoosh

    More information in the official wiki https://docs.weblate.org/en/latest/admin/machine.html#weblate
  5. Cervator

    Cervator Project Lead and Community Wizard Staff Member

    Thanks for the command! Although that makes me more certain I probably shouldn't try this, hehe:

    root@weblate-frankfurt:~# pip list|grep -i whoosh
    The program 'pip' is currently not installed. You can install it by typing:
    apt-get install python-pip

    So I am guessing Python and the other Weblate stuff is installed inside one of the Docker containers, which I'd need to dive into for any whoosh detecting command to actually work ...

    I'll keep an eye out and try poking @qwc and @msteiger again when able. At the same time we just got into Google Code-In (aieee!) so I predict busy times ahead!
  6. GNUrocks

    GNUrocks New Member

    I don't understand. Whoosh and is a requriement for Weblate to run. Python-pip might not be required (not sure but why not use it?), but without it I don't know how to find out Whoosh's version. I looked for that a frew minutes, but couldn't find anything. Maybe if you locate Whoosh you can check a file which says which version it is or something? But you should probably just install pip, I think it makes a lot of things easier.
  7. Cervator

    Cervator Project Lead and Community Wizard Staff Member

    Oh it is there. It is due to the Docker setup. Python etc is only enabled inside one or more of the Docker containers on the server, so I can't get to it from the "root" outside of Docker.

    We can figure it out, it'll just take a bit of time. Tonight has been mostly a wash, suddenly feeling kinda depressed about something, sigh :)
  8. qwc

    qwc Docker Dude!

    Damn, have somehow missed the pings of this post, sry4that. :/

    Will investigate tomorrow and/or weekend.
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