Weekend hackathon! Celebrate GSOC deadline passing and our v1.0.0 future!

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Cervator, Mar 25, 2016.

  1. Cervator

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    The GSOC deadline for proposals is Friday March 25 19:00 UTC, after which we'll celebrate with a weekend hackathon! This will allow some more good time to bond with potential students, mentors, or just interested contributors wanting to play with stuff in our new v1.0.0 release. Maybe I'll even find time to write the actual news post about it! ;)

    This should fit well with our stability & content focus with v1.0.0. Anybody able to make it come help us create some fun content. Maybe @Florian's new GooeysQuests module could have @Gooey sprout bunny ears and start hiding Easter eggs around the world for players to find?

    @Skaldarnar will be around starting early (European time) Friday, for anybody wanting to get an early start, but proposal work will likely still be going on. Good time for final review, just don't forget to get those final proposals submitted!

    @minnesotags hopefully we can run some more testing on your server, start getting that Playability milestone populated with issues and ideas :)
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  2. Skaldarnar

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    @rzats had some good ideas on IRC, just wanted to share them with everyone. I'd say, first come first serve, so select your topic, and start working and collaborting ;)

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  3. Alright then, dibs on my own easter egg detector idea!

    Although I wonder if this can be reworked into an arbitrary block detector.
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  4. Cervator

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  5. Day 1 progress update:

    Created a generalized block detector module at https://github.com/rzats/BlockDetector (ETA: now moved to the Terasology organisation, see below). The module designates a detector item and a set of associated detectable blocks. It then scans all the blocks within a set radius of the player and, if a block in the set is detected, emits a repeated audio signal with a frequency depending on the closest block's distance to the player.

    Short demonstration video (detector item - Core:Shovel, detectable block - core:Iris)

    Day 2 TODO:
    - Improve some audio-related issues - specifically, the current sound effect includes some padding at the beginning and the end and sounds somewhat awkward.
    - Finetune the frequency changing code.
    - Rework the existing setup into an API supporting multiple combinations of detector items / detectable blocks.
    - Create some detector/detectable combinations of my own - including THE easter egg detector!

    Day 2 Summary:

    The simple mock detector has now been reworked into an API that other contributors can use to create their own detector items. Also, THE easter egg detector has indeed been added - it actually detects snow blocks (which are what @Cpt. Crispy Crunchy 's amazing easter eggs consist of) - still looks like a plain old shovel :D

    Check out the finished module at https://github.com/Terasology/BlockDetector!
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  6. Cervator

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    Added the module to the lineup and it is in the latest Omega package now, along with ShatteredPlanes! Posted to our social networks as well. Nice work :)

    Weirdly I could get the beeping from a Perlin world when I went high enough to find snow, not so much just placing a snow block in a ShatteredPlanes world (unsure if the big eggs are still generating)

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