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Architecture discussion: extensible & performance friendly crafting, material classification, machinery, networks ...

For years now we've gone through a series of various crafting systems, ways to categorize materials, using machines, and defining various form of networks to route just about anything around. Plenty of experiments and actual content, but nothing yet has stood out as a clear standard to build all the other things on top of.

From BlockNetworksto SegmentedPaths, from...

April play test event is in about 10 hours - new build!

After about two months we finally have a solid Omega zip again, with some of the big stuff for v2.0.0 merged and stabilized :)

Fittingly the build number landed on 900, so we'll be play testing that build: Omega 900 zip

Note that as the day goes by (I expect to start early and keep going, maybe even the whole weekend) we'll probably reset several...

GSOC Student Applications are Open!

Time is running, we have already entered the student application phase of Google Summer of Code 2018! If you are interested in a summer project with us, you have time until end of March (27th) to work on your proposal, get in contact with the community, and hand in your first PRs. Have a look at our project ideas to get some inspiration on what to work on.

If you want to learn...

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