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Holiday Hackathon 2018

GCI has finished as of a few days ago, hooray lots of new stuff and cool students! Prizes won't be announced till early January though, oh the suspense :)

Finalist evaluation is now in progress, and in just about a month GSOC season begins although we won't know for a while if we'll manage to participate and get in.

In the meantime we're going to try something new: a Holiday Hackathon! Usually GCI lasts through the holiday but this year the timing was changed and that period is otherwise...

Happy 7th birthday, Terasology!

And first formal news post in a while, although it is starting out pretty small. It'll grow over the next week!

The first project post is still around, and it sure has been an adventure since, and continues to be. Hard to keep on top of all the happenings these days as the project has expanded and more things need to be kept track of. Need more automation :)

For this year I'm proposing a bit of a week-long celebration of...

Architecture, roadmap, v2 and v3, play test for June with Alpha 10, GSOC, DestSol ...

Lots of things going on, would be another way to put it.
  • GSOC has started properly, yay! 9 students going full speed and blog posts are already popping up. See its sub-forum for details
  • The big Alpha 10 / engine v2 release is targeted for the beginning of June, even if it won't necessarily be the most stable thing ever. But it has to go already! Biggest outstanding piece remains the...

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