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Looking forward after GSOC 2019


Another summer full of coding and fun is finally over, and now it's time to recap on what happened in the last three months. We've prepared a blog post in which we are Looking Back at Google Summer of Code 2019 to give a brief overview of the students' achievements and contributions. In short: we are very pleased with the results of our 4th...

March play test, Alpha 12, another dev session or two, and yay we got into GSOC again!

Much to share, still terrible at keeping up with activity as it happens!
  • The play test for March is scheduled to start in just past 10 hours from this thread being posted (noon US eastern). It'll be using the Alpha 12 Omega zip and related notes and bug hunting will happen on the GitHub triage board...

February play test and dev sessions - GSOC up next!

Next scheduled play test is in about 24 hours (noon eastern time Saturday), although it might be more of an on-and-off type thing for the weekend when there's activity and testing interest.

In addition I'd like to run a few dev discussion sessions like we did back during the holidays as they worked out quite nicely. There's a new Doodle poll with options for the weekend, whichever gets picked for which topic will depend on indicated...

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