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Architecture, roadmap, v2 and v3, play test for June with Alpha 10, GSOC, DestSol ...

Lots of things going on, would be another way to put it.
  • GSOC has started properly, yay! 9 students going full speed and blog posts are already popping up. See its sub-forum for details
  • The big Alpha 10 / engine v2 release is targeted for the beginning of June, even if it won't necessarily be the most stable thing ever. But it has to go already! Biggest outstanding piece remains the...

Next play test(s?), GSOC updates, DestSol, v2, more mergers ...

Busy times these days! Will try to be brief:
  • Next weekend Saturday May 5th is our scheduled play test and should help get some more GSOC student/mentor/project stuff going
  • Speaking of playing things we have a Factorio server running until maybe Tuesday sometime. Come check it out! Then build it in Terasology real quick
  • Initial GSOC project guidelines...

Architecture discussion: extensible & performance friendly crafting, material classification, machinery, networks ...

For years now we've gone through a series of various crafting systems, ways to categorize materials, using machines, and defining various form of networks to route just about anything around. Plenty of experiments and actual content, but nothing yet has stood out as a clear standard to build all the other things on top of.

From BlockNetworksto SegmentedPaths, from...

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