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Alpha 9 is released and likely the final one using our engine at v1!

This release contains most the stuff that came in during GCI 2017 and then some. Immediately after this we're beginning to merge things into the engine for v2.0.0 that are not guaranteed to be backwards compatible: our first new major release (for about two years?) since we adopted SemVer. That includes the two large GSOC 2017 projects...

Play test Saturday with (final?) Alpha 9 RC, GCI complete, GSOC starting soon, Ludicious was neat

Bit of a mouthful there but as usual news keeps piling up until there is a chance to write it all out in one big glorious mess :)

Ludicious and "TeraConf"

Ludicious happened in Zurich Jan 18-21st and a few of us were in attendance with a booth and everything. The day before it started we managed to briefly peak at 8 devs present and tried out doing some tech sessions and discussions. A good time were had by all and then a few...

Terasology at Ludicious! And a small meet-up!

Terasology is attending the Ludicious 2018 conference in Zurich as announced and bunch of contributors registered. But, wouldn’t have been cooler if we decided to take an extra day and arrange a mini-internal Terasology conference? You guessed it :) - that is exactly what we did.

On January 17th, 2018 Cervator...

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