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    Hall of Lost Ancient Glory

    I don't know what exactly the pre-facet worlds were like, but at least some of those worldgen features are back now, as are flowing liquids.
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    Per-block data storage

    This thread was dead for years before I worked on this, but just in case anyone reads it: this feature has been implemented. For details, see, and for examples of how it's used, see biomes or FlowingLiquids.
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    GSOC proposal draft: Improving Transparency

    Any feedback on this proposal would be welcome. I intend to probably write another one, too, but it isn't written yet. This draft proposal is about 2 main things: tidying up the way transparent...
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    ChunkMesh changes

    The way different block rendering types is handled is currently quite messy, and I think it could be improved reasonably easily, but I wanted to get some feedback first (and also wait until some other PRs are finished before actually starting on this). I assume @manu3d, @Immortius and @vampcat...
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    Architecture discussion for v3 [engine split / engine-libs]

    I sort of generally assume that unit tests are the sort of thing I'm likely to be more keen on after actually having more experience with problems in large projects, but that said, having obligatory test coverage seems like a bad idea. I can believe that there are cases where it would be useful...
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    Modding: per-block-storage extensions

    PR made.
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    Inactive Liquid Simulation

    Although this thread has been inactive for years, I thought I'd record here for anyone still reading this that I've made the FlowingLiquids module, which features conserved liquids, but not any of the fancier above-block-level stuff anyone has suggested. It's in a reasonably complete state, but...
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    Modding: per-block-storage extensions

    @mkienenb I'd be interested in being involved in that, but shouldn't be spending too much time on Terasology until I'm done with exams.
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    Modding: per-block-storage extensions

    @mkienenb As data-extension lookups would happen so frequently, I think it would be useful (for efficiency) to have something like public int getExtensionIndex(String perBlockStorageExtensionId); //This line probably somewhere else public int getExtension(int perBlockStorageExtensionIndex, int...
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    Modding: per-block-storage extensions

    I previously assumed that this would take an excessive amount of memory, but with the moderate view-distance setting (13*9*13) it would only be about 74MiB for 1B per block (+ a presumably much smaller overhead) using TeraDenseArrays. That's not trivial, but it also seems like an acceptable...
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    Contributor Hello, I'm 4D enthusiast

    I won't have time to respond to more proposal feedback until after the deadline, but thanks to everyone who's given feedback so far.
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    Contributor Hello, I'm 4D enthusiast

    Okay, I hadn't seen that Dropbox comments only work if you have an account there. A Google-docs (updated) version is: (also now submitted as draft via GSOC). I've made it more explicit in this...
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    Contributor Hello, I'm 4D enthusiast

    I think it was something unhelpful like "invalid request". It's resolved now (just doing it in a different browser). Also it seems I may have misunderstood: I thought draft proposals were meant to be posted on the GSOC website even in advance of the opening date for final proposals, but logging...
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    Contributor Hello, I'm 4D enthusiast

    I've written a first draft of my GSOC proposal for cubic worlds. Any feedback would be appreciated. I'm currently having trouble creating a Google account, which is why I haven't put it on the GSOC website.
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    Contributor Hello, I'm 4D enthusiast

    As GSOC permits submitting multiple applications, I may do one each for tidying up the graphics and #3161 to hedge my bets a bit. I've never used such old OpenGL versions before. I'm still in the process of familiarising myself with the existing code though, so I'll just see how I go.