GSOC proposal draft: Improving Transparency

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Any feedback on this proposal would be welcome. I intend to probably write another one, too, but it isn't written yet.

This draft proposal is about 2 main things: tidying up the way transparent blocks are handled ( and enabling transparency sorting for correct rendering of overlapping transparent blocks (

Last year when I was doing various rendering work, this was something I wanted to work on but that seemed a bit to big in scope to start at the time, so I'm making it my GSOC proposal now instead. I don't expect it to take the full work period, but last year my proposal was criticized for having too large a scope, so I'll see how it goes. If I do finish early, I can almost certainly find somewhat related things to work on at least.


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Dropped in some feedback on chat. I do like the sharper focus, although the proposal could use a bit more structure / formatting :)

Hard to weigh in on timeline, probably Vampcat or Eviltak would have better ideas there.