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    Resolved Problem launching in linux

    Hi! Just randomly googling the issue on the net, came across Try installing jre8-openjdk, or use the one from Oracle's website, hopefully one or the other should fix it.
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    GSoC Proposal Draft - Terasology Launcher

    Late to the conversation, but replying to "Potential in using/adding another JVM language to access more utility?": groovy would be a suitable candidate since it is very close to java syntax-wise, so it is easy to make the jump for java developers, but has enough convenience features to make up...
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    GSoC 2017

    Woohoo! Keep up the good work! Nice to see Destination Sol moving forward :)
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    How to add new planets and systems?

    Can you please elaborate how you try to create it, and what error you are getting?
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    Design Raytracing Renderer

    Looking at the last 2 videos, I don't see the improvements I'd expect from a raytracer. For example (soft) shadows (I don't see shadows at all?), light sources, reflective/refractive surfaces with rough textures. Also DX12 is... pretty restrictive on OS+Graphics Card, but hopefully it can...
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    Suggested Formal Description of a Shy Monster Living in the Dark

    Very nice definition! I could only think of one scenario that was only hinted at: when the shy monster is cornered, and the only possible paths for escape lie close to the player/attacker. Maybe the monster could start screeching, and get louder as the player gets closer. At a certain distance...
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    Design Raytracing Renderer

    That video is really convincing, I just wonder if it is possible to get a decent framerate with it... @acterhd The newer OpenGL has the Compute Shader, which is very similar to what cuda and opencl can do. And it should also be possible to query the user's pc if the graphics card can do compute...
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    Question Link to beginner's Help, please

    Hi Bill! Yes, I found it hard to start out too, since the game is still under heavy development, there aren't very many tutorials on it. What I found helpful for my first try was this youtube video:
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    Question How to update

    Try from here: The one that says "Windows Offline (64-bit)"
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    Question How to update

    Thank you! I think the problem is that your java installation is 32 bit (hence Program Files(x86) folder) and you're trying to start the 64 bit exe of Terasology. For now you can try starting Terasology.x86.exe, but I recommend downloading and installing a version of java that says 64 bit. I...
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    Question How to update

    Your computer seems to find java just fine then. Can you tell me what you meant by ? Can you also post a screenshot about when you try to start the game?
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    Question How to update

    That is okay then. One last test: can you open a terminal and type in java -version and post a screenshot of the result here? In windows 10 if you press the windows button, then start typing "Command Prompt" then it should appear, and you can click on it to open.
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    Question How to update

    Hi @Cervator , The path C:\ProgramData\Oracle\Java\javapath is a kind of symbolic link for windows, there the files point to your currently set java directory. This is oracle's attempt at making it possible to have multiple java runtimes installed, and easy to change the default. @Bill Curran...
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    Question Crash: Related to full Inventory

    I opened a pull request with the fix @Cervator maybe it's time to release the kraken 1.4.2? :) @dreadking I've attached your savegame with a few items sold, so you can keep playing. If this error would happen again until 1.4.2 is...
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    Question Crash: Related to full Inventory

    Ohh, it seems we want just 4 pages of inventory, and avoid the crash... let me adjust the fix.