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    Intro Ello! My alias of choice is DatOneGuy1010 or some variation of that.

    Hey there, welcome and nice intro Anyone with the interest to learn and help out is always appreciated. Hopefully we can get some of your work into some module ^-^
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    Intro Hey, this is Vishwaak

    Hey, Nice to know a bit more about you. Open source enthusiasts and minecraft fans are always welcome here :D Look forward to seeing more of you around
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    Intro Hi! I'm Cat :)

    Hey there, seen you've joined the chat as well, nice name Nice spread of skills/languages and I look forward to any work &/or proposals you have
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    Updates GSOC 2018 - Tower Defence

    Progress update With the close of this phase of work, the game mode is technically functional. However it lacks significant polish and balance. Additionally documentation for both players & developers needs to be finished. Visual facelift One of the major occurrences was the addition of...
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    Updates GSOC 2018 - Tower Defence

    Progress Update There's been quite a bit of progress since the last update. More content in the form of Effectors & enemy types has been added, and new systems like upgrading adding more depth to the tower building. Additionally the introduction of more UI screens is making the gameplay more...
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    Updates GSOC 2018 - Tower Defence

    Week update It's been a while since the last update, so this will be a fairly big one. The end of this week marks the start of the content intensive period. After this the game will be at a substantially more playable state. Enemy Pathing Tweaks I added two main features to the enemy...
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    Updates GSOC 2018 - Tower Defence

    Week Two Update This week I started to work on the Towers themselves. Firstly the towers need to build correctly, and then they need to fire at enemies correctly. This week focused on the former as well as designing some specifics of the towers functionality. Tower Building Towers are a loose...
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    Updates GSOC 2018 - Tower Defence

    Week one update Due to university exams, I began working in the Community Bonding Period. The intention is to then to pause work whilst my exams are occurring. As such, this first update will most likely be larger than others, as it's going to cover multiple weeks. Features At present, the...
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    Updates GSOC 2018 - Tower Defence

    I will be posting all relevant updates to this thread as the program goes on. This will potentially also include things that are mirrored to other places. Summary of project: Terasology has a lot of potential that goes beyond just being a sandbox voxel game. This project aims to highlight this...
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    Terasology Tower Defense gamemode (GSoC 2018)

    One of Terasologies best points is how utterly modifiable it is. As it was designed with modding support in every step of it's life the bare bones engine imposes almost nothing onto you other than the fundamentals of a sandbox voxel world. However there is currently a lack of working gameplay...
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    A place for documentation

    So for me I like to think of "documentation" as having two main types. Player, and Developer. I think from a practical standpoint I would ideally see the layout structured like such: The Main Developer Site This would be a site that would be the go-to destination for a developer. If someone...
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    Google Code-In 2017 - we're in! Starts Nov 28th

    I think that it might be worth making a GCI landing page and linking to it in the IRC channel and in the beginner tasks. There we can link to useful guides and put information like the top 10 requirement. I've added your points to the doc and I've some of my own to add from a student...
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    Cooking SuperModule

    The algorithm for bushes has been unchanged, although the implementation has been re-written so that it can be integrated with vines. Each bush has a stored array of stages, where each stage displays a different block. The final stage is the harvestable stage. One harvested the bush either moves...
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    Cooking SuperModule

    So, I'm working on fixing up the content issue in Cooking & SimpleFarming, and then moving on to integrate them with other modules where possible. Thought I'd type up my plan so others can see it and help/give suggestions. Phase one has been done and I'll have a pull request in about a day. Here...
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    Intro Hello I'm Omar

    Hi there Omar. Nice to meet you. Java experience is definitely helpful for Terasology. Have you joined the irc channel yet? It's worth doing there's usually someone online