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    Google Code-In 2017 - we're in! Starts Nov 28th

    I think that it might be worth making a GCI landing page and linking to it in the IRC channel and in the beginner tasks. There we can link to useful guides and put information like the top 10 requirement. I've added your points to the doc and I've some of my own to add from a student...
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    Cooking SuperModule

    The algorithm for bushes has been unchanged, although the implementation has been re-written so that it can be integrated with vines. Each bush has a stored array of stages, where each stage displays a different block. The final stage is the harvestable stage. One harvested the bush either moves...
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    Cooking SuperModule

    So, I'm working on fixing up the content issue in Cooking & SimpleFarming, and then moving on to integrate them with other modules where possible. Thought I'd type up my plan so others can see it and help/give suggestions. Phase one has been done and I'll have a pull request in about a day. Here...
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    Intro Hello I'm Omar

    Hi there Omar. Nice to meet you. Java experience is definitely helpful for Terasology. Have you joined the irc channel yet? It's worth doing there's usually someone online
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    Suggested Roles - helping out regularly in small ways

    I'm happy to do whatever tasks need doing. Bug reports and forum checking maybe? Unless someone else would like to do them of course
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    Google Code-In 2016 Recap Thread

    1. Tell us about yourself again! Please mention your name on the GCI website, as well as GitHub and IRC nicknames. So, my name is Quinn Roberts. Username pretty much everywhere is jellysnake (including Github, IRC, reddit, steam etc. Add me peeps!). I'm an Aussie by nationality but British by...
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    *hisses wildly*

    *hisses wildly*
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    Suggested Pipe Module

    This is a simple pipe module that would allow for transfer of items from one place to another without player intervention. Purpose: Having a way to transfer items from one block to another is a crucial part of most automation and tech playstyles. It allows for feasible tech modules to be added...