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    Suggested Impressions of Terasology as a Minecraft Modder/Minetest Player

    There has been some effort to kind of restructure the engine. The current state of the engine is pretty hogpodge as things go since this project has been going on for some time and we have a significant amount of software debt from past contributions that really need to be addressed. In the...
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    Problem Unable to login to Terasology Multiplayer

    There is some prototype code for it but its not too useful with how its written. This will have to be reworked heavily if it is to be of any real use.
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    Problem Unable to login to Terasology Multiplayer

    I don't think the identity service works at all. There is some project code floating around but I don't think we have it setup. you can still log into worlds through multiplayer. I don't think there is any implcit use for the identity service yet.
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    JOML Migration

    I think the strategy would be some combination of all of that. some classes are much more used then others to the point where swapping everything across the entire project would be prone to a lot of bugs where creating a new method and deprecating the old one would be less likely to cause...
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    Bullet and Box2d

    I've discussed this with cervator, the basic idea is to extract bullet and box2d from libgdx as standalone libraries. this should give us the opportunity to tweak and rework the library to fit our needs better. For instance the bullet implementation was reworked to accept TeraMath components...
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    Terasology Blender Block Shapes V2

    So I'm working on a rework of the shape plugin for blender. What I'm thinking would be a good change is allow for multiple blocks to be worked on for one blender file. similar blocks can be grouped together in a collection and exported together as a set of blocks in the export menu. I'm not sure...
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    Intro Hi, folks

    Awesome, you can start by joining the discord. have you managed to get an environment setup? you can find more information under the wiki:
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    Design Project Planning: QwerZoo (name pending?)

    No need to re-invent the wheel for everything. there are already some existing framework modules that can do some of what you are asking. you just need to : I think it would be a better use of your time trying to integrate some of these framework modules together...
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    Contributor Hello, I am coming to terasology for the third time.

    drop by the discord if you need additional help.
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    Master Of Oreon - Version 2 GSoC 2019

    My first impression is that you are too focused on the minute details of the implementation and missing the whole picture. I don't need to know all the details of the implementation but rather what does this add to the game and what you would like to add. Try explain some of this from a players...
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    GSoC Proposal Draft: Shaderland

    1. This seems to be more of a problem with functionality rather then the need to just split stuff up. Looks like we just need to reorganize stuff to be in a more sensible location. That single file you linked has some trivial utility stuff and some things that are directly related to lighting...
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    GSoC Proposal Draft - Terasology Launcher

    I'm kind of confused why it would be necessary to drop the entire codebase for an electron app. :?
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    GSoC Proposal Draft - Terasology Launcher

    My first thought is what if we want to share some code between the Terasology engine and the launcher. There might be ways to add some consumable stuff between java and the electron but that seems like a pretty complicated solution. I do concede that java lacks a really good GUI library. Maybe...
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    GSOC Project Rough Proposal on Gooeys's Quest

    I kind of agree with Cervator here, you have a list of things you want to do but the scope is too large for GSOC. What I would recommend is just grab one of your sections and stretch out the whole thing. For instance you mentioned puzzle rooms. I think there is some interesting aspects in...
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    Contributor Hi! This is Darshan Tank :D

    oh, yea I was just talking to you in discord. I've lost track of things quite a bit. the amount of things i'm trying to balance might be getting to me.