Terasology Blender Block Shapes V2


So I'm working on a rework of the shape plugin for blender. What I'm thinking would be a good change is allow for multiple blocks to be worked on for one blender file. similar blocks can be grouped together in a collection and exported together as a set of blocks in the export menu. I'm not sure if the structure should be saved to the file or should it be flattened. Do shapes even support this with how Terasology is setup. Below is what I've already setup for the UI. Collections in blender can be nested so groups of similar blocks can be organized into collections and they can be selected from the menu.


Here are some of the menu's I've added for block properties and colliders. So each block is an empty and the mesh and colliders are either properties of the empty or they are child objects of the block. So in this case I've already added box colliders which are rendered as blue cube wireframe. The green region is the size of the block as it would appear in the world. I would like to add manipulator widgets but I haven't quite worked out how that would be done in blender. For meshes I'm planning on adding maybe some lines on the sides of the green cube to denote the side that it would be occluding.


This Is what I have so far any any other suggested features would be appreciated.

Repository: https://github.com/MovingBlocks/BlenderAddon/tree/feature-block-groups

  • Add Sperhical Colliders
  • Add Export Menu