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    Tweaking Module categories

    Summary of what's been done to this point by various contributors (TheFlash98 being the primary contributor): Module categorization is now supported in the engine. Filtering module selection by these categories is also supported. These were the categories provided. They are not...
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    Modding: per-block-storage extensions

    @4D enthusiast, I'm not sure how much you want to get involved with the implementation of per-block-storage, but if you have little interest, it seems to me that we can define what the API should look like, then, in the short term, implement it over the top of the existing extraData TeraArray...
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    Modding: per-block-storage extensions

    Here's why (or at least the start of the conversation on why):
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    Modding: per-block-storage extensions

    Makes sense to me. You're the end-user, so you should have the best idea at the moment of how it works best. Here's another link that I came across (probably sent to me by Cervator) that has more information on chunk storage in general and per-block storage in specific. I haven't finished...
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    Modding: per-block-storage extensions

    @4D enthusiast, Yes, spaces apparently work, but you have to use @mkienenb to ping me. But I stumbled across your comment by accident anyway :) while trying to determine what the api for this feature would look like for a module developer. As noted above, registering was originally handled...
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    Maintenance FacadeAWT

    Fixed the missing client-side toolbar (no client-side components were being loaded). As far as I can tell, everything works great now. @msteiger, feel free to add back in that city code :) I can't remember how renderCityWorld() was called.
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    GSOC process documentation

    I have consolidated the previously-posted information on mentoring roles into the wiki under GSOC Mentoring roles, which includes more detailed information on the roles of: Architect Bureaucrat Consultant Designer Engineer Follower Any mistakes were likely introduced by me, so feel free to...
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    Maintenance FacadeAWT

    I have it functional again, although there's probably edge cases where it doesn't work. And msteiger's city code shows as an unused private method right now, so not sure how that got lost. And there's probably a lot more optimization needed. And maybe the toolbar is also missing...
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    Implementation Master Of Oreon

    Caveat: I have not done anything with Terasology in several years. I don't know what the current state of the engine and modules are. Here are some thoughts about your proposal: I would recommend you focus right away on learning what the Behavior module is capable of doing, and suggest you...
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    Implementation Master Of Oreon

    I've quickly read through your proposal. I think you want to reduce the scope. Many of your one-week tasks seem too large to complete in 25-40 hours. Maybe some of the other developers could also take a look at that? I will try to find time to comment in more detail later this week, time...
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    Implementation Master Of Oreon

    Glad to hear someone is interested in working on it. I'll try to provide feedback and other support as time permits.
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    Recap: Google Summer of Code with Terasology (and Google Code In!)

    Well, as you know, I've been a part of other GSOC organizations and even "commercial" game companies, and I was *always* impressed by your community building skills and approach. It was one of the things I really loved about Terasology, so I am not surprised to see that others notice the same...
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    Targetted Java Version

    How will this impact OS X support? If I recall, OS X tends to be behind the java curve, with no end-user-controllable way to keep up.
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    WIP Metal Renegades - wild west meets robots

    It gives all new meaning to "rail gun"
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    Request Techne model converter / format support

    Nice work, synopia. Unfortunately, I didn't immediately see anything I was doing differently. But I did finally notice an incredibly-boneheaded mistake I made -- that I had been converting from degrees to radians and not the other way around. That gets me "ALMOST" there.