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    Intro Hi, I'm Devi!

    Heya! Great to see you hop onto the forum :D Regarding the exploration world: This was actually a gsoc project last summer (search or ask around for "Lost", although it was not *entirely* completed due to lack of supporting features. That being said, it still got a lot of work done, including...
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    Intro Hey everyone, I'm Ethan.

    Sorry for the link issue, we had to disable it temporarily because of spam. Should be working again - feel free to edit your original post if you want. Regarding game ideas: dungeon crawler, yes please! Sure, tower defense works as well.. but yk, not nearly as amazing :p Also, hell yeah cubic...
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    Intro Hey Terasology!!

    sweety, I highly recommend you join our irc or discord server, since that makes it easier to communicate. Regarding the gradlew: if you're using powershell on windows or linux or osx, you'll need ./gradlew instead of plain gradlew. Here is a quick little tutorial for getting started with irc...
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    Google Code-In 2017 Mentor Recap Thread!

    1. Tell us about yourself! For most of you, I'm vampcat, with only a rare few knowing my real identity. [/SPOILER] I usually lurk in the pixel-forge, with an occasional excursion or two outside for random stuff. Elegant code is my fetish, and debugging my favourite pass-time. Oh, and I like to...
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    Remove concept of material assets?

    I seem to recall my last conversation about Materials was with Immortius when I started doing Terasology, and he mentioned things like changing the transparency of texture and stuff as potential use. However, I believe most of this can be handled via components, so I second this idea.
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    Google Code-In 2017 Recap Thread

    As this year's Google Code-In is coming to an end, the Terasology project would like to hear any feedback you have on the competition. Please reply to this thread with a filled-in copy of the survey template below! (And feel free to claim & submit the "Recap your GCI experience with Terasology"...
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    Evil Empire

    Whaaaa, how did I forget these gems? I'll add them to the game very soon. With some particles, these should look amazing.
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    Machine Learning Research (GCI Task)

    As MandarJ said, I'm not sure how you're going to train the agents. "The length of a single "session" would be randomly determined at the beginning of each session and the sessions would run back-to-back with no time in between." So you plan on having a person sit down in front of a computer...
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    Machine Learning Research (GCI Task)

    Hello ContronThePanda! Based on a quick read, I can see that the first 3 paragraphs of your post are about external links. However, you never really expand on that knowledge in the context of Terasology. For instance, what is the curiosity element, learning element, performance element, and...
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    Organic Faction

    @AonoZan Still having problem with develop? We would be more than glad to help you get it up and running :D Also, once again, great work!
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    GSoC 2017

    All good things must come to an end. After working on Destination Sol for 3 months, it's time for a show-and-tell. GSoC Checklist The original deliverables proposed by me were: A cleaner and more intuitive code-base. A module-based system similar to Terasology. (Completed to a reasonable...
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    How to add new planets and systems?

    As Avalnacs mentioned, some more information regarding what you did would definitely be helpful! :) However, long story short, if you have a working DestSol workspace, go to the SystemBuilder class located at \engine\src\main\java\org\destinationsol\game\planet\ , and change...
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    How to add new Planets?

    Yeah, the aurelienribon tool dates back to 2012 from what I can see, and was probably the one initially used in DestSol. Glad to see that you guys found the better tool :D P.S. credits to SigmaOne for finding the crashinvaders tool, btw :)
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    How to add new Planets?

    @ererbe Sorry for the late reply, was travelling. No, you don't need to do it manually. Several tools already exist, most notably and That being said, give us a month or...
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    Box2D-Editor Rechristening

    Hello, DestSol developers! Most of you might not know me, so let me begin with a quick introduction. I'm vampcat, a GSoC applicant for Terasology this year. However, one of the things that caught my fancy was DestSol, and I plan on dedicating quite a lot of time to it in the near future...