Suggested Add sign module

I think a good addition to Terasology would be signs. Signs would be very helpful for people to leave behind to explain the things they've done, sort of like comments in code. They could also be used to mark ones way home. Another use case would be spawning them in along with a structure to show what's where. One would be able to write text on the signs, of course.

  • Arrow sign
  • Square/Rectangle sign
  • Assorted polygons (Triangle, octagon, hexagon, etc)
  • "Danger!" sign
  • "Stop" sign
If you have an idea for a sign, post it here and I'll add it

Each sign would have a crafting recipe with 2 parts. The first part is the sign head and the second part is the stick. A log should be able to make 4 sticks. The sign heads would require a variable amount of planks depending on the size and shape of the sign.

Signs could also be a gateway to paintings, which would be signs with painting-like textures. A rudimentary block family system for paintings would allow for multi-block paintings that come together to form the picture.

  • WoodCrafting
  • WorkstationCrafting
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Look at ComputerMonitors. ComputerMonitors uses AWT and renders the result to a flat plne. I think you can do something similar with signs. I.e allow people to type text onto a sign.