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Name: Ambient music transitions
Summary: Used to create transitions between the different ambient soundtracks
Scope: Engine
Current Goal: Setting up IntelliJ
Phase: Inception
Curator: Chrisk

As I already introduced in my music showcase I got an idea how to create an infinite, random-based ambient soundtrack, that more or less doesn't feel looped.

I created the ambient soundtrack in a way, that it only contains small themes. Some of them are at a higher level in the song progression, some of them are just bridges to the other ones so the song has a song-progression that is kind of interesting.

The basic idea is to fade-out the current playing song at a specific point in time and fade-in the next on just at the same time, so they create a transition.

The whole ambient soundtrack is composed in a way, that there are always 2 bars in the beginning that just grab the (as Cervator called it) "sneaky intro" in the soundtrack and fade it in. The last 3 bars are made out of 2 pieces:

| bar | bar | hall fade-out bar |

As already mentioned the transition should fade between the first 2 bars of the next song and the 3 last bars of the current song. My plan was to not completely fade-out the current song, but only fade-out the first 2 bars of the last 3 to a certain point (for example 1/3rd of the volume) and then let the hall-fadeout segment do its work.

While the current track isn't faded out completely, the next song already faded in and starts to play the melody, because the 2 bars that only contains the "sneaky intro" are already over.

The effect that is now created is a kind of more realistic fade-out, because it isn't linear. You can still hear the hall-fadeout of the current song if you are already listening to the next song so the player thinks, he is listening to a single soundtrack.

Concept paper:

I'll provide links to all segments of my ambient soundtracks, just didn't wanted to spam my soundcloud uploading 8 tracks on one day :)


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Music wizardry! That is pretty fancy when you put it like that, hadn't thought of it in quite that level of technical detail yet :)

Sounds great, and I guess that was one of the "bridge" spots I caught it one of the pieces then. So it was on purpose and I was trying to suggest what was already in place, haha

Also, I'm moving this to the Incubator forum, add the standard header with yourself as curator sometime :)


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.......I'm moving this to the Incubator forum, add the standard header with yourself as curator sometime :)
WOW :sneaky: Chrisk you have your very own slot :thumbsup: cooooooool you movn' on up in the world :coffee: