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Name: Ambient music transitions
Summary: Used to create transitions between the different ambient soundtracks
Scope: Engine
Current Goal: Setting up IntelliJ
Phase: Inception
Curator: Chrisk

As I already introduced in my music showcase I got an idea how to create an infinite, random-based ambient soundtrack, that more or less doesn't feel looped.

I created the ambient soundtrack in a way, that it only contains small themes. Some of them are at a higher level in the song progression, some of them are just bridges to the other ones so the song has a song-progression that is kind of interesting.

The basic idea is to fade-out the current playing song at a specific point in time and fade-in the next on just at the same time, so they create a transition.

The whole ambient soundtrack is composed in a way, that there are always 2 bars in the beginning that just grab the (as Cervator called it) "sneaky intro" in the soundtrack and fade it in. The last 3 bars are made out of 2 pieces:

| bar | bar | hall fade-out bar |

As already mentioned the transition should fade between the first 2 bars of the next song and the 3 last bars of the current song. My plan was to not completely fade-out the current song, but only fade-out the first 2 bars of the last 3 to a certain point (for example 1/3rd of the volume) and then let the hall-fadeout segment do its work.

While the current track isn't faded out completely, the next song already faded in and starts to play the melody, because the 2 bars that only contains the "sneaky intro" are already over.

The effect that is now created is a kind of more realistic fade-out, because it isn't linear. You can still hear the hall-fadeout of the current song if you are already listening to the next song so the player thinks, he is listening to a single soundtrack.

Concept paper:

I'll provide links to all segments of my ambient soundtracks, just didn't wanted to spam my soundcloud uploading 8 tracks on one day :)


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Music wizardry! That is pretty fancy when you put it like that, hadn't thought of it in quite that level of technical detail yet :)

Sounds great, and I guess that was one of the "bridge" spots I caught it one of the pieces then. So it was on purpose and I was trying to suggest what was already in place, haha

Also, I'm moving this to the Incubator forum, add the standard header with yourself as curator sometime :)


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.......I'm moving this to the Incubator forum, add the standard header with yourself as curator sometime :)
WOW :sneaky: Chrisk you have your very own slot :thumbsup: cooooooool you movn' on up in the world :coffee:


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I wanted to ask this of the wider community since I've got limited access to different VMS hardware. I've been wondering about some sound issues on VMS multicarts for a while now and in the first instance I put it down to dodgy NVPROM chips or the odd incorrect byte in the ROM images etc. I've started to question that thought due to the fact that it always seems to be related to PCM sound and nothing else. ie. I have a 161 in 1 which has very good sound, with only noticeable glitches in Pulstar. I recently got a couple of 138 in 1s and for one or two games the sound can occasionally glitch, but not always. You can play say the title music of Ninja Masters and it can play perfectly. You can then power the system off and on and listen to it again and it can glitch on one note and be OK all the rest of the way through.

Hello. I've been told that some of the older slots are less reliable in terms of connection, and ultimately the board design - buffering, etc. I am now wondering if some of the 1 slots have more of an issue related to sound vs some of the larger 2, 4, and 6 slot boards.

Has anyone experimented with these kinds of PCM issues on multicarts vs different VMS boards to see (or hear) if there's any improvement?

Part of me thinks it's a glitch in the implementation - track layout, lack of bypass caps, FPGA / CPLD implementation perhaps inaccurate or some minor timing glitch, etc.

But just to be clear, it is always sound, never PROMs, S, C, or M. Seemingly just V ROMs only.

I've tested in both of my MV-1FZ boards and they behave identically.

All of that said, I can't discount that maybe there is the odd bit flakey in the ROM images, or maybe the odd lost bit in dodgy NVPROM chips, and possibly in C ROM it might not be visable, yet with PCM audio that 1 bit is enough to raise the volume.

It's also worth pointing out that the problem I hear is the volume goes loud on its own for that one note. It doesn't sound garbled etc, it increases in volume - almost double.

Starting to wonder if my board needs a recap or something as well - but then why does it only do this in specific games, and only from multicarts?
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