Featured April play test event is in about 10 hours - new build!


Org Co-Founder & Project Lead
After about two months we finally have a solid Omega zip again, with some of the big stuff for v2.0.0 merged and stabilized :)

Fittingly the build number landed on 900, so we'll be play testing that build: Omega 900 zip

Note that as the day goes by (I expect to start early and keep going, maybe even the whole weekend) we'll probably reset several times and update the target build. The server is live now but may crash overnight for all I know :gooey:

Initial setup is JoshariasSurvival + GooeysQuests + HumanoidCharacters (pinging @Florian !) + WildAnimalsGenome + ... some other stuff which may include a surprise ;)

To connect grab that Omega zip, extract it, launch the game (with -homedir if you like) and connect to "Official Event Host"

For that setup note one big new thing: on logging in to the server you'll be presented with a shiny new appearances customization dialog! You don't necessarily have a lot of choices yet but the important part is progress :)

Also on the agenda will be coordinating with GSOC students and mentors to finalize our slot request numbers. Note that this isn't project selection, just telling Google how many projects we believe we can support. While there are 15-16ish good proposals I'd personally love to see happen the mentor numbers have improved (beatings will continue until morale improves!) but still aren't likely to get high enough to cover everything. So most likely we'll have to disappoint some good students for no other reason than there are just too many of you :(

Still, as mentioned before anybody who is interested in still working with us will be hugely appreciated and we'll do what we can, even without formal GSOC backing. We have our own funds and can consider smaller stipends if it helps a student work on a proposed project even without the full backing of a GSOC slot.

Hope to see you on the server sometime over the weekend! If there's anybody I haven't badgered yet about mentoring .. well you know what to do ;) (and just to spell it out: get in contact!)