Automated testing - web services like or BrowserStack


Org Co-Founder & Project Lead
At work I came across a nice webinar on Saucelabs and their cloud-based automated browser (and mobile!) testing. Super easy execution of Selenium-based tests across a series of OS/browser combos. It integrates with Jenkins and they have a free option for open source, woot :)

Looks like BrowserStack is one of their main competitors although there are likely multiple. I might start playing with it both for work and here. Although it won't do much for Terasology the game we could have a few simple tests for the splash site and maybe the upcoming module site.

Interestingly they also support testing on mobile - including native/hybrid apps (not just websites) somehow. Sounds like we could auto-test the Destination Sol Android app o_O Which would be funny without being able to test the PC version of it (or Terasology)

Making thread in case anybody has an interest in this geeky topic and any sort of related tool XP or preference.