Resolved Automatic Backward Movement


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I'm unable to actually move in the game except when strafing left and right, otherwise my character constantly moves backwards. The only way I'm able to move forward is by rapidly and incessantly tapping W, the moment I quit tapping my character begins to move backwards. Autorun works for two blocks of running and then I begin to go backwards again.


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That's a peculiar one, seems a case of something mapped to moving backwards being stuck. Is this something that happens every time? Do you have a game controller of any sort hooked up? Which version of the game did you run?

Usually having a game controller hooked up can cause this sort of behavior, as the game will automatically support the controller but not necessarily set a deadzone that'll override any quirks in the device.


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Thanks so much for the response! I did have a controller hooked up, I always do, but I wasn't using it for this particular instance. So I unhooked it and started playing and it let me move normally! Thanks!