Back Again


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Hi Everybody!

I'm all done college and I'm out lookin' for work. Spending some time applying for jobs, some time working on a lame portfolio, and a lot of time reeling from anxiety and depression. I've been thinking about helping out on Terasology again. Well, I didn't really help much last time, I mostly looked at the code to figure out how it all woked, and complained about how Immortius didn't comment his code enough. He kept saying he'd comment after multiplayer. Do we have multiplayer yet?

The new splash page site is pretty nice. What else is new? Last time I actually RAN Terasology it was basically a slow Minecraft Creative Mode with some bugs regarding block removal. XD

Just posting this while downloading the latest version. Geez my library's connection is slow today! It's usually pretty fast. I wonder if that lady is playing Second Life on the Wifi again...


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WB ReleeSquirrel ! :D

Multiplayer is still going and we're still commenting stuff. Getting closer ;)

Good timing as we really need to kick up the AI discussion again and get some basic implementation going. We've got some neat pathing (and mazes!) from synopia and another new contributor or two also interested in AI. On top of that the game has gotten even prettier (yet somehow also faster, at least on the lower detail levels) over the last few months.

Check out the recent threads in the Incubator for what else is new and in particular take a look at the Light & Shadow mega-thread in the art forum which is what we've changed direction toward as our latest focus with the most promise to produce some actual playable content yet. I also wrote some giant walls of text in the Dev Portal on some project-wide topics, but they might be kinda overwhelming and esoteric if you just want to code :)

Also, try throwing some torches around in the dark. Pretty :pinkiehappy: