Back online properly again with new setup :-)


Org Co-Founder & Project Lead
Other than recovering my Windows and getting set back up for development this has taken a fair bit of time:


It works now and I'm finding new ways to use the additional space already. Can't wait to get fully back up to speed with development. Being able to load EVE in tri-screen doesn't hurt either :3

Total added cost: $52. Well, $54 counting the bag of bolts to attach the four monitor wall-mounts to my desk. Had the two side LCDs laying around, old monitors from a dental office that were replaced, they didn't even have normal stands, so previously I wasn't sure what to do with them. Got the second video card also for free from a friend who is a hardware enthusiast (he is several video card generations ahead, I'm sure).

I don't know if the upgrade will be quite as revolutionary as going from one to two monitors, but it is substantial for sure and I can recommend it. No way I could fit one of the specialized multi-monitor stands (that tend to run hundreds of dollars too for some reason), pretty happy with how I got the custom job working - the monitors are crammed in there pretty tight, but they fit! Been wanting this setup for years. If you have the option to get more monitors ... get MOAR MONITORS! :D

I'm still catching up with email, forum threads, GitHub etc - my apologies for letting some stuff sit for a few days :)

Here's a goofy screen grab of Terasology stretched across three monitors. Got Ultramon running so there's a task bar on each screen, although for some reason the right screen hid its task bar. Gives you an idea of just how oddly huge a held object become. Also still getting low FPS but not sure my setup is quite right yet.

Terasology _ Pre Alpha_2014-05-19_01-48-52.png